Workouts for Ski Season

Winter is fast approaching and with it comes the fun and exercise of ski season. However, it is important that you get your body ready for it so today we will talk about a few workouts that will get you ready to go for ski season, so you will be in good shape and ready to hit the slopes. 25917

We are coming into another festive holiday season, and with it we are seeing another gift giving dilemma when it comes to the men in our lives. Before worrying too much about what gift to give, you should consider a few of the following gift ideas for men for the 2017 holiday season. 25913

How to Eat Out Without the Guilt

Even if you are health conscious and try to make all your meals at home so you can avoid the added sugar, carbs, and other not so healthy stuff you can encounter with take-out food and eating out, it is important to note that there are still going to be a few days here and there when you are just not feeling up to the task of making that meal at home. 25868

Gaining Confidence with Small Group Fitness Programs

Small group fitness training is an ideal way for a personal trainer to work with more than one person at a time while being able to offer more affordable sessions. While the benefits for your pocketbook are great, there are also many other benefits when it comes to participating in small group fitness programs with a personal trainer. 25862

A Few Tips on Staying Healthy on the Go

If you have a job that keeps you constantly on the move or you travel a lot, then you may feel that it is a lot harder to stay healthy because you are always on your way. However, there are several things you can do to stay healthy even when you are on the move. 25827

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