Meaty Comfort Chili

The holidays have arrived with all the high-calorie food and drinks of the season. It’s really no wonder why most of us gain weight during the next five weeks.   Sweet temptations are everywhere. Holiday cookies, gingerbread houses, pumpkin pies, and more. Even healthy foods like sweet potatoes and green beans are somehow transformed into high-calorie dishes that will make you want to do nothing but fall asleep.   And don’t forget the drinks. Eggnog and alcoholic beverages are loaded with calories.   Want to fight these holiday pounds?  

#1) Remember the Reason for the Season

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What You Need to Know About Eating Red Meat

If you eat a lot of red meat, then it is important to educate yourself on the health dangers and benefits that are associated with this kind of diet. With more information, you will be able to make a better and more informed decision about your diet, so you can continue leading a happy and healthy lifestyle. 25929

Toasted Lemon Quinoa Cabbage Salad

Here’s a unique new salad recipe to try, that’s far from ordinary. With cabbage, green olives, chickpeas, quinoa and a lemony dressing, this salad really satisfies! It’s fantastic as a meal all on its own, or to be served with a larger meal.   There are many elements of this salad that stand out, most particularly the green olives. With a creamy feel and smooth taste, these olives are a perfect pair with the lemony dressing. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself making this salad time and time again – and sharing with your friends and family. Enjoy!  

RD/CDEs on Worst Carbs to Snack on if you Have Diabetes

A CDE is a Certified Diabetes Educator and is a health professional that has extensive knowledge and experience with prediabetes, diabetes prevention, and management. They help to educate and support those with diabetes to help them learn more and better understand what having diabetes really means. 25925

Alkaline Diet: Why its Misleading, but Actually Works

If you are a person that tends to follow fitness and health trends and news, then you may have already heard of something known as the alkaline diet. The alkaline diet suggests that we replace any acid-forming foods in our diet with alkaline foods so we can start to improve our health. There are also several claims that this type of diet can help fight more serious health problems down the road such as cancer. 25919

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