Chicken Ragu with Marsala
Here's a tasty way to serve up roasted chicken breast...   Today's recipe is a hearty ragu filled with roasted, shredded chicken breast. This is a wonderful dinner recipe for those busy weeknights, and it a fantastic method for serving yesterday's cooked chicken in a brand new flavorful fashion.   A ragu is what the Italian's call a meat-based sauce that's simmered with vegetables and wine and served over pasta. I chose to serve my ragu over roasted spaghetti squash, nestled on a bed of fresh arugula. You could do the same, or opt to serve it over zucchini noodles,
5 Foods To Eat Before Seeing Your Personal Trainer
For impactful personal training, it pays to pay a visit to your nutritional coach. In order to get the most from your body, you’ll first have to fuel your body, and what you choose to fuel your body with makes all the difference. Eating a healthy small meal or snack around an hour or so before your personal training session is ideal, and we want to provide you with some nutritionist-approved ideas for what that meal or snack should be. 5 foods to eat before seeing your personal trainer are:   1. Tuna – A bit of tuna with a
How Long Will It Take Me To Lose Weight?
Maybe you’ve just started participating in your small group training, or maybe you’ve spent some time with your private trainer, but the question on your mind often is likely going to be “How long will it take me to lose weight?” Losing weight in a healthy and life-changing way isn’t something that happens overnight, and it’s important to relish in and celebrate those small achievements like taking another step on the ladder to fitness.   To understand how long it will take your body to lose weight, you should first consider just how our bodies lose weight, and gain weight,
This helped my clients
I have a message for you today that has the potential to help you break through to your fitness goal. It’s something that I like to share with my most dedicated clients…   There’s a struggle happening in you between two very different sides.   One side of you wants to turn over a new leaf.   To stop trashing your diet with processed foods and sugary treats. To wake up earlier. To make exercise a bigger priority. To eat healthier foods. To fill your diet with real, wholesome food. To drop the weight once and for all to feel
Apple Pecan Muffins
Have you ever fallen into the droopy-sleepy-yawny-have-no-energy trap? When both the middle of the morning and the middle of the afternoon feel like bedtime? Ugh. I have. Back when my breakfast consisted of mainly grain-based cereals or processed and refined breakfast pas- tries. Add to that a cup or two of sugar-sweetened coffee in the morning and a couple of corn syrup–sweetened caffeinated beverages in the afternoon, and I was left with a roller coaster of inconsistent energy levels.   All of that changes when you started avoiding refined sugars and processed and packaged breakfast foods. Dips in your energy
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