Personal Training Regiment And Breakfast Tips - Everlasting Changes

According to the chief dietician for St. Barnabas Hospital in New York City, Milton Stokes, those who skip breakfast set themselves up for failure through the rest of the day. It makes you more likely to binge eat during lunch and dinner, snack too much, and causes your body to go into “starvation mode”, causing you more difficulty in effectively losing weight – but how do you know if you’re starting your day off right? 4 breakfasts to keep your personal training regimen and weight loss on track include:

  1. Chia yogurt bowl – Mix up some 0% Greek yogurt with a bit of flavored kefir, honey, and chia seeds, giving the chia seeds some time to expand while mixed in with the kefir, yogurt, and honey. After a couple of hours, take the mixture from the refrigerator and add in some of your favorite fruits, giving you a delicious and filling breakfast you can grab and go. The best part of this breakfast? You can make a few days’ worth in advance so grabbing something to eat while you’re on your way out the door has never been easier.
  2. Kale and egg breakfast sandwich – Take fresh kale and sauté in a pan with a touch of olive oil, stirring over medium heat until cooked. Take that kale, place on a slice of wheat toast and top with a fried egg to give yourself a simple and delicious protein rich breakfast sandwich. The sandwich is packed with a full 18 grams of protein per serving for less than 300 calories, keeping your personal training regimen on track while filling you up first thing.
  3. Hard boiled eggs – Full of protein and antioxidants, a simple couple of hard boiled eggs make a perfect quick breakfast to keep your personal training regimen on track. These can even be pre-boiled and portioned for easy meal prep, so you can simply grab your breakfast from the fridge and go.
  4. Baked eggs and avocados – Baking an egg within a slice of avocado and placing the combination on a fresh piece of wheat toast is great for those healthy weekend breakfasts. While not quite as quick as the grab-and-go you may be looking for before work in the morning, this is a delicious way to stay on track while still feeling a little indulgent on weekends.

Keeping your personal training regimen on track will take more than a healthy breakfast. For 3 Risk-Free Personal Training Sessions with a Certified, Insured Personal Trainer & a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee on any Program, Call Us today to see how you can get your summer fitness regimen started.

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