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With Halloween just around the corner, it can be pretty difficult to stick to what your small group trainer, personal trainer, and nutritional counselor say to do to keep you on track for your fitness goals. A holiday so heavily revolved around sweets presents a lot of temptation, but you don’t have to derail all of your hard work simply to have fun at a Halloween party. 4 healthy Halloween party snacks you can bring along for everyone to enjoy are:
1. Orange Jack-O-Lanterns – Oranges are pretty simple to carve out just like a pumpkin, and once they’re hollow they’re even simpler to carve a face into! Take oranges and turn them into orange-o-lanterns, then fill them with fruit and replace the top. What you have is a festive, sweet, and party appropriate treat that is wholesome and delicious.
2. Banana Pops – Bananas dipped in chocolate is a big favorite, and in white chocolate they take on the look of a Halloween appropriate ghost. To keep things healthy, use vanilla yogurt rather than white chocolate, and freeze your bananas before the big party. To make eyes, you can insert raisings, small chocolate chips, or chocolate candies into the yogurt before freezing to look like eyes.
3. Spider crackers – Spider crackers work at all-age Halloween parties, and they’re cute to boot. Take a circular whole wheat cracker, use cream cheese or peanut butter in the center, stick 8 “spider leg” pretzel sticks to the filling, then top with another cracker. Using a little of the filling as a glue, stick raisins on the top for two spooky eyes.
4. Cheesy pumpkins – Cheesy pumpkins are perfect for when you need to bring a dish on short notice. Take your favorite soft cheese and form it into a ball, then place a small pretzel stick into the ball of cheese to act as a stem. Using a knife, cut vertically to create pumpkin ridges.
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