Private Trainer Advice For Traveling - Everlasting Changes

Summer vacation season is here, and while you’re traveling from place to place enjoying the sunshine far away from your private training, you don’t have to let all your efforts go to waste. Vacation is for fun, but you’ve worked hard and want to keep up with your fitness, so what fun sorts of exercises can you do while you’re away that will leave your trainer impressed when you get back? 4 workouts you can do equipment-free while traveling anywhere this summer are:
1. 20 minute full body – This 20 minute full body workout requires little room and no extra equipment, and it works out your entire body from the top down. First begin with 10 push ups, and finish off with jumping jacks until you reach minute 1. Once 60 seconds have elapsed, do 10 spider lunges and finish off with jumping jacks until you reach minute 2. At minute 2, begin with 10 jumping lunges, and finish off with jumping jacks until minute 3. Finish off the workout with 10 walkouts, and repeat the circuit 5 times.
2. Fast full body – This full body workout should be done as quickly as you can, and it can be repeated as many times as you like or feel comfortable with. Start the workout with 10 jumping lunges, then go into 10 spider lunges. Repeat as many times as you’d like before taking a 1 to 2 minute rest. After your rest, part B of the workout begins with 10 pushups and follows with 10 walkouts. Repeat as you would with part A.
3. 20 minute core – If you’re trying to keep that beach body in shape for the summer, this 20 minute core workout is perfect for staying on track during vacation. Start with 30 seconds of spider lunges, follow with 10 seconds of rest. After resting, perform 30 seconds of side lunges and also follow with 10 seconds of rest. Last, plank for 30 seconds, rest, and start the circuit over again. This circuit is recommended for 8 reps or around 20 minutes.
4.Quick lower body – This quick lower body circuit targets the glutes and legs for power and toning. First, start with 10 squat jumps, then follow with 10 side lunges. Rest for 2 minutes, and move on to part B with 10 jumping lunges and 10 glute bridges. Repeat both parts A and B 8 times, or as many times as you feel comfortable.
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