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Getting fit isn’t always comfortable, but many people learn to love that post-workout burn. If you’re not one of those people, don’t allow the soreness to detract you from adopting a new healthy lifestyle. After a session with your private trainer, a few techniques can help to ease that soreness and get you ready for your next session with enthusiasm. 5 easy ways to relieve that post-workout soreness are:
1. Stretch – A good stretch is a great way to give your muscles some relief. After a particularly rigorous workout with your Charlotte personal trainer, your muscle fibers will be shorter, causing that stiff soreness you may be feeling. This is due to muscle contraction, and stretching them can help to improve mobility and relieve that sore feeling. While experts don’t agree on the scientific effect of stretching post-workout, many individuals report stretching helps to bring relief, and it certainly doesn’t hurt.
2. Use a foam roller on sore areas – Using a foam roller on sore areas after workout can have a dramatic impact on post-workout soreness according to the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy. Start low and work your way up your body, giving each muscle system at least 5 rolls each. If some areas are particularly sore, they can get a few extra.
3. Use heat – While heat shouldn’t be your first line of defense immediately after a workout, it can be a great help between private training sessions. Immediately post-workout, heat can worsen inflammation, and thereby worsen soreness, so it’s important to allow inflammation to ease before turning to a Jacuzzi or bath. When used in between workouts, heat can help to increase circulation throughout the body.
4. Keep your body going – By keeping your body active between private training sessions or group fitness workouts, you can help to stave off the soreness. Mild and relaxed physical activity while you’re not actively working out helps to keep your body from stiffening.
5. Use ice – For alleviating soreness immediately post-workout, it doesn’t get any better than ice. Inflammation is often a huge contributor to soreness immediately after working out and icing your muscles can help to keep that inflammation at bay.
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