For impactful personal training, it pays to pay a visit to your nutritional coach. In order to get the most from your body, you’ll first have to fuel your body, and what you choose to fuel your body with makes all the difference. Eating a healthy small meal or snack around an hour or so before your personal training session is ideal, and we want to provide you with some nutritionist-approved ideas for what that meal or snack should be. 5 foods to eat before seeing your personal trainer are:
1. Tuna – A bit of tuna with a vegetable of your choice on whole wheat crackers is a great way to fuel up before training. Tuna is packed with protein and polyunsaturated fats, the cracker gives a small healthy carbohydrate punch, and your choice of raw vegetable adds vitamins into your diet.
2. Avocados – Avocados are also packed with healthy fats, and they can be eaten in so many different ways. They can be spread onto a piece of whole grain toast or a cracker, they can be added to a salad, or they can be used to top a healthy fish taco, and every option gives you a fueling of healthy and long-lasting energy.
3. Clementines – These tiny citrus fruits are perfect for the person who has a sweet tooth before meeting with their personal trainer. A clementine is a perfect natural energy booster, and it’s rich in vitamins your body needs to thrive. The best part? It’s super simple to eat a clementine on the go, so it’s great for those after-work sessions.
4. Steak – If you’re having dinner before your session, a lean steak is a great pick. Steak is full of protein, and if you choose a lean cut, not a whole lot of bad fats. When accompanied by a side of fresh vegetables, you’ll have a meal that leaves you feeling full and fueled all through your workout and after.
5. Watermelon – A slice of fresh watermelon is another great way to soothe sweet tooth while preparing for your workout. Watermelon is rich in hydration and electrolytes, while it also helps in replenishing glycogen stores within the body. Watermelon can be eaten alone or added to smoothies with other fresh fruit and vegetables for a great nutritional boost.

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