Personal Trainer Approved Cocktails - Everlasting Changes

Nothing says summer quite like kicking back with a cool drink in hand. You don’t have to wreck all the hard work you put into your weight loss, fitness or nutrition, just by having a few drinks on a hot summer day. Here are 6 low-calorie cocktails for the perfect summer full of relaxation that are personal trainer approved!

1. Gimlet – With the taste of fresh squeezed lime juice and simple syrup mixed with gin or your other favorite liquor, a Gimlet is perfect for summer sipping. By skipping pre-mixed and going with fresh squeezed, a drink is only around 168 calories.

2. Mojito – What cools down better than a little mint and a little lime? A fresh made mojito, like the Gimlet, rounds out at only 168 calories for a refreshing and summer-perfect beverage.

3. Paloma – At just 166 calories, a Paloma simply mixes club soda, grapefruit juice, and a splash of tequila. To cut more calories, make sure to cut out the sugar around the rim. It’s a tempting garnish that could add more sugar to your diet than you’d like!

4. Vodka soda – A vodka soda is simply vodka mixed with a club soda or seltzer water, and can be added with a splash of your favorite fresh squeezed fruit like a grapefruit or lemon. Rounding in at just 96 calories, these are perfect for summer sipping all season long.

5. Rum and diet coke – At just 96 calories, a rum and coke is made trainer-friendly by opting for diet soda over a full-sugary option. This simple and easy refreshing beverage is perfect from poolside to happy hour and every event in between.

6. Champagne – Champagne is surprisingly low-cal, and the average glass is only around 90 calories. Don’t shy away from celebrating by popping a little bubbly this summer.

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