Alkaline Diet: Why its Misleading, but Actually Works

If you are a person that tends to follow fitness and health trends and news, then you may have already heard of something known as the alkaline diet. The alkaline diet suggests that we replace any acid-forming foods in our diet with alkaline foods so we can start to improve our health. There are also several claims that this type of diet can help fight more serious health problems down the road such as cancer.
Is it too good to be true?
While the alkaline diet may seem a bit too good to be true and even misleading at times, it may actually work.
How Does It Work?
When we eat foods, our body does the work of metabolizing these foods and taking the energy from them. When we begin to burn these foods, we end up leaving what is known as an ash residue. The ash that is left behind may be either acidic or alkaline and may directly affect the overall acidity found within our bodies.
Simply put, if you are eating more acidic foods, then your body will be more acidic. Likewise, if you eat more alkaline foods, then your body will be more alkaline. Neutral ash will have no other effect on the body, which is why it is known to be neutral.
Types of Foods

  • Acidic foods fall into the meat, poultry, fish, dairy, eggs, grain, and alcohol groups
  • Alkaline foods include more fruits, nuts, legumes, and vegetables
  • Neutral foods include natural fats, starches, and even sugars

pH Levels in the Body
The pH levels are used to measure how acidic or alkaline something would be. The range of these pH levels runs between zero and fourteen on a scale. If it is 0 to 7 then it is considered to be more acidic, 7 remains a neutral number, and everything else up to fourteen is considered alkaline.
Does an Alkaline Diet Work?
While the alkaline diet is still under investigation with more research being conducted, it has been found to be a pretty healthy diet to follow. The diet encourages us to eat more fruits and vegetables while saying no to processed foods and junk foods. However, with that being said, it really doesn’t have a lot to do with being either acidic or alkaline. Rather, it has to do with avoiding those unhealthy and processed foods and exchanging them for healthier alternatives.
A nutrition counselor would be someone to advise if you have any questions about your current diet or any of the foods you eat. A nutrition counselor can also help you come up with a plan to begin leading a healthier lifestyle with better foods and more exercise.
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