A gluten-free diet is a diet that restricts and excludes gluten which is a mixture of proteins that can be found in wheat and other grains. Foods that contain gluten include wheat, rye, barley, couscous, some salad dressings, egg substitutes, and some soups, just to name a few.
A gluten-free diet is especially helpful for people that may be suffering from Celiac Disease. It is an autoimmune disease that can lead to damage to the small intestine whenever gluten is consumed. The disease currently affects 1 in 100 people around the world, while a recorded two and a half million Americans remain undiagnosed and remain at risk for some serious complications in the future.

The Benefits of Becoming Gluten-Free

Following a gluten-free diet will expose you to more whole, and unprocessed foods like fruits and vegetables, legumes, and some lean meats and these food choices end up being lower in calories and healthier.
Gluten-free diets have become quite popular over recent years which has spurred additional research, and with this research, they have found several health benefits you can experience from this kind of diet.
Eating gluten-free foods eliminates any processed foods and with it also eliminates the consumption of unhealthy carbohydrates and oils. Doing so can reduce your risk of heart attack and can help improve immunity when it comes to the way your body can tackle germs and other sicknesses.
Most of these foods can also help promote healthy weight loss and will teach you how to portion your food and read labels more closely. However, always be mindful of labels that claim to be gluten-free because they might not be as accurate as you may think.
A nutrition counselor in your area can help guide you through the choices available to you when you are considering a gluten-free diet. The nutrition counselor will also be able to help you come up with a meal plan and exercise program that will benefit you personally and help you achieve the results you want.
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