Five Strategies For Better Weekly Meal Prepping

Meal prepping is a great way to keep your diet on track when you have a busy schedule. However, meal planning can be pretty hard work, no matter what the blogs say. It takes a lot of mental energy, nutritional knowledge, and time management skills to be a successful meal planner. That doesn’t mean you have to give up hope. Meal planning is still a great option and can be easier with a few smart strategies. 26418

Here’s a light and refreshing salad that’s filled with healthy fiber. Getting enough fiber is an important part of being healthy and fit.

Here’s a light and refreshing salad that’s filled with healthy fiber. Getting enough fiber is an important part of being healthy and fit.   Fresh tarragon, fennel and lemon juice lend vibrant flavors, eliminating the need for fattening, store bought salad dressing.   Enjoy this Fennel, Celery and Green Apple Slaw Serve alongside a portion of lean protein for the perfect, fitness approved meal.   Courtesy of  

What You Need

Serves 2   2 Tablespoons olive oil 1 Tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar 1 Tablespoon fresh tarragon, minced 1 teaspoon lemon juice zest from 1 lemon 2 celery

Enjoy Happy Hour Guilt-Free With These Ten Low Calorie Cocktails

Social drinking is often part of business. Sometimes the biggest deals of our careers are made at Happy Hour. When you’re trying to get into shape though, Happy Hour can undo all your hard work. There are some low calorie cocktails you can enjoy when meeting with your colleagues or prospective business clients. Here is a simple guide of what cocktails our nutritionists recommend ordering: 26415

The single best way to achieve your goals

We are living in a have-it-all, have-it-now world. Access to anything you desire is literally a key stroke away.   There’s one-click ordering. There’s food delivery in 30 minutes or less. There’s credit available with the swipe of a card.   More so than any time in history, we have forgotten the art of sacrifice.   Can you blame us? Mainstream marketing tells us hundreds of times each day that we should have it all, and that we should have it right now.   The problem with this have-it-all-right-now mindset is that real accomplishments require sacrifice and delayed gratification. And

Can You Eat Carbs And Still Lose Weight?

Most weight loss diets nowadays are low in carbohydrates and high in fats and protein. Many people struggle with these diets because let’s face it: Carbs are delicious. Giving up delicious carbs can feel like a hardship. So our nutritional coaches are often asked “Can I eat carbs and still lose weight?” The answer of course is yes. You just have to be smart about the way you eat carbs. Carbohydrates can actually help you lose weight if you make good choices. 26412

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