Roasted Cauliflower Steak - Healthy Recipe

This is such a simple recipe and yet it yields so much satisfaction! If you love salty foods like chips or crackers then this Cauliflower recipe may be the guilt-free snack that you’ve been searching for.   I like to slice the cauliflower into large slabs, like steaks, however be aware that not all of the pieces will stick together. That’s perfectly fine! Smaller pieces of roasted, seasoned cauliflower taste just as delicious as the larger pieces.   Enjoy these Roasted Cauliflower Steaks as a side dish for your next meal or eat it as a delicious and guilt-free snack!

Three Effective Ways To Reduce Muscle Soreness After A Workout

One of the things that often keeps us from staying on track with our workouts is muscle soreness. Whether you are just getting back into fitness or trying to push harder toward your goals, muscle soreness can be really demotivating. It’s very difficult to get to the gym the next day if your whole body hurts. In order to stay on track, it’s important to understand how to reduce this pain so that you don’t stop working out. Here are our biggest tips to help heal sore muscles after a hard work out. 26365

Taste of Italy Slow Cooker Chicken

There’s nothing quite as inspiring as a truly jaw-dropping before and after picture. I’m talking about a 50+ pound weight loss where they look like an entirely new person.   It’s striking how much younger people look when the extra fat comes off. An attractive, happy, energetic person was inside of them all along.   Many popular magazines showcase transformation success stories like this at the beginning of a new year. Flip through the pages of before and after photos and it’s hard not to feel inspired to make healthy changes in your own life.   It’s also interesting to

The Ten Best Foods To Help You Build Muscle

No matter what your fitness goals are, diet is crucial to achieving them. If you are trying to strengthen and build muscles, there are some nutrients that can help you reach your goal faster if incorporated into your diet. Here are the best foods to eat for building muscle: 26362

Mango and Black Bean Chicken Salad - Healthy Recipe

Here’s a salad recipe that’s hearty, quick and satisfies even the pickiest of eaters!   With tender, roasted chicken, flavorful black beans and sweet, tangy mango, this salad hits every flavor note without guilt. Whether you’re making a quick dinner, a lunch-to-go, or serving up a meal for company – this salad is truly a winner.   As another serving option, you could present the salad on large lettuce leaves or place over shredded green cabbage. Also feel free to experiment with the ingredients – swap out the black beans for your favorite type bean and switch up the protein

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