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Sugar cravings are common, and it’s these cravings that are most likely to take you off the track your nutritional coach Ballantyne, Charlotte, or Marvin NC has worked so hard to put you on. While these are some of the most powerful cravings a person will have while adopting a healthy lifestyle, they’re not impossible to beat, and you can take control of your cravings in a healthy way that keeps you on target with your goals.
Sugar cravings may be linked to a drop in serotonin, the “happy hormone” in your brain that gives your mood a lift. When serotonin drops, it could cause your body to give it sugary sweets in order to get that happy feeling back, but there are ways to give yourself what you need without introducing sweets into the equation. There are other activities that boost serotonin, like exercise, and regulating your sleep schedule can help to keep serotonin levels balanced as well.
Next, you can avoid blood sugar drops, which will also cause your body to tell you that you need sugar through cravings for sugary sweets. The best way to do this is to keep your body efficiently fueled by eating several small healthy meals and snacks throughout the day, especially the types that are known to regulate blood sugar levels in the body. Having a particularly strong craving? Try opting for a healthy grapefruit and see how quickly it calms the craving right down. If your blood sugar seems to drop often, you can consult your nutritionist to craft a meal plan that keeps your body balanced.
Lastly, you may want to try drinking a cool glass of water the next time you’re craving sugar. Often, a sugar craving may actually not be related to sugar at all, and what your body is really trying to tell you is that it’s dehydrated. Drinking a small glass of water and waiting a few moments can let you know if this is the case.
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