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If you’re taking the lessons from your personal training sessions to a solo workout, music can help keep you motivated. Studies have shown that listening to music during your workout can enhance your performance. They’ve also found that music helps you exert harder because you are less focused on fatigue. Rather than just throwing something on, studies have shown that choosing the right music can improve your workout. Here is how you can create the perfect playlist to enhance your next workout.


Choose Music To Match The Activity


In order to get the most out of the music you pick, you’ll want to match the music to the activity or state of mind. For example, faster music will help you get motivated and power through your workout, while slower music will help you focus and center. Also, make sure the rhythm matches the workout. For example, syncopated music like salsa isn’t great for running, but upbeat pop music with a 4/4 beat is perfect. Finally, make sure that your music is in a major key. Major keys tend to be more “happy” than songs in a minor key. So they will keep you feeling great.


Time Your Playlist Perfectly


The ideal playlist includes tracks not just for the intense parts of your workout, but for your warm up and cool down. An ideal playlist goes something like:


● One motivational track to get you excited to start your workout. This can be anything that puts you in a good mood and gets you hyped.
● Two warm up songs at around 120 bpm. House and techno songs tend to be around this tempo. If you aren’t a fan of dance music, most upbeat rock, jazz, and country songs are around this tempo as well.
● Three intense workout songs at 145 bpm or higher. These tend to be fast genres like metal, dubstep, and some rap songs.
● Three recovery songs at 120 bpm again.
● Two cool down songs at under 110 bpm. R&B and soul music tend to be around this tempo, but pretty much any slow jam will work.


Try a few different playlist combinations until you figure out what works best for you. Then get to work!

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