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I am sure you have heard it before; you want to lose weight? Cut the calories. Well, I can tell you with absolute certainty that it is not as simple as cutting down on the calories when you are trying to lose weight. Many other elements need to be introduced as well to ensure a more successful program and weight loss journey.
The following are just a few of the more common calorie myths for you to consider as you take the steps toward losing the weight.

Myth Number One: Weight loss and fat loss are one and the same

It is not as easy as losing weight in order to lose fat. Weight and the numbers we get so obsessed with are also not clear-cut and simple either. If you expose yourself to daily weigh-ins and base your progress on the amount of weight you are losing, then you may be bogged down with unnecessary feelings of failure and shame. Weighing yourself does not offer a very real representation of what your true weight is. Doing so may also lead you to cut down again on the calories you are consuming, so you can see the numbers on the scale drop.
You need to instead take a look at the type of weight you are losing and focus on a diet that works the best for your body type.

Myth Number Two: Counting the calories will allow us to monitor food intake more accurately.

Again, this information is false. Calorie counts are rarely, if ever, completely accurate. It is better to focus your attention on choosing foods that are better quality and offer more nutritional value instead of checking the calorie counts on the label.
Cutting calories is never a sure-fire way to lose weight, and it can even often lead to failure, and you may find yourself gaining some weight. If you are not eating enough of the foods your body needs, then your metabolism will begin to slow down, and your body will begin to burn muscle, rather than fat.

Myth Number Three: All calories are created equal.

Each body is different and treats calories in different ways. It is best to learn the difference between a high-quality calorie like you can find in nutrient-rich foods such as broccoli and other leafy greens, and a low-quality calorie that you may find in processed foods.
Consume the foods that have the most nutrients because they will fill you up faster and can help prevent you from overeating. Sugary and highly processed foods will not satisfy you and will leave you hungry shortly after.
It is always good to consult with a nutritionist if you are unsure of what your body needs. Participating in a regular exercise program with a personal trainer is also beneficial to your progress as well.
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