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There is nothing that will throw your diet through a loop like traveling. Going to and from a new place, where you don’t have access to a kitchen and trying to find healthy foods in an unfamiliar place, can be difficult. One place you can stick to your diet when traveling through is the airport. Even though airports have a reputation for having food as bad as what you find on the airplane, if you know what to look for you can find a meal that meets your nutritional guidelines. Here are some tips to eat healthy in the airport hangar.


Do Your Research Ahead Of Time


The internet is a really helpful resource for sticking to a healthy diet. Nowadays, airports all have websites that list the restaurants that are available. Before traveling, take a minute to find out what restaurants are available in your terminal. Then browse their menus so that you can pick a place to eat that has something healthy.


Don’t Settle For Quick


One of the reasons we eat so unhealthily when we travel is because we go for the quickest option. Most of the time we’re jetlagged and weary so we’ll just go to the first place we see with food. Instead, plan your meals accordingly so you don’t get so hungry that you settle for less than healthy. One great way is to make sure that you double up on protein to give you sustained energy.


Eat What You Normally Would


If you normally wouldn’t eat a packet of cookies for breakfast at home, don’t do it while at the airport. Even the smallest airports have fresh fruits, beef jerky, and nuts available. If your options are limited, get creative. Think about how you can combine some of these smaller items into something that reflects what you’d normally eat at home.


Pack Your Own Meals

TSA will let you bring food into the terminal. However, the food like all your other items will have to go through the x-ray machine. It must also be wrapped or packed in a container. Take a moment to read the TSA security guidelines and then pack your own meal instead of relying on what’s at the airport. If you bring your own food, you’ll easily be able to keep to your diet.
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