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Social drinking is often part of business. Sometimes the biggest deals of our careers are made at Happy Hour. When you’re trying to get into shape though, Happy Hour can undo all your hard work. There are some low calorie cocktails you can enjoy when meeting with your colleagues or prospective business clients. Here is a simple guide of what cocktails our nutritionists recommend ordering:


1. Wine Spritzer: 70 Calories


Wine spritzers are probably the lowest calorie cocktail option. Just make sure you pick white wine which tends to have lower calories than red.


2. Mimosa: 75 Calories


Champagne is extremely low calorie. Mixed with a splash of orange juice, you can keep drink a couple before you hit the calorie count of most cocktails.


3. Vodka Soda: 90 Calories


The classic dieters cocktail. Choosing a low-calorie vodka like Skinny Girl vodka can reduce your calorie count even further.


4. Rum And Diet Coke: 96 Calories


Diet Coke has zero calories, so the only calories you have to count are in the rum. We recommend a white rum which has lower calories than dark rum.


5. Tequila And Soda: 100 Calories


If you love tequila, add a splash of soda and a lime and you’ll be good to go. Just like with rum though still to clear tequilas for lower calories.


6. Seabreeze: 113 Calories


A seabreeze is a mix of cranberry and grapefruit juice with vodka. It’s a refreshing low calorie drink for the summertime.


7. Bloody Mary: 118 Calories


This brunch time favorite works for happy hour too. Not only is it low calorie, you’ll get a boost of antioxidants which can help stave off a morning hangover.


8. Sazerac: 136 Calories


For a fancier option a sazerac is a good idea. Made with whiskey and absinthe, one of these will be plenty for your Happy Hour needs.


9. Gin And Tonic: 148 Calories


Tonic is not as low calorie as soda. However, the quinine in tonic can actually help with muscle cramping. It’s a perfect post-workout Happy Hour cocktail.


10. Old Fashioned: 154 Calories

Another strong drink, the classic old fashioned is actually pretty low in calories. Just remember it does contain a sugar cube so you might hit your daily simple carb allowance.

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