With office life becoming more and more sedentary, people have begun declaring that “sitting is the new smoking.” Though it’s unavoidable at our day jobs, sitting all day has disastrous effects for our health and waistlines. Luckily, there are some pieces of exercise equipment you get to combat the health issues from sitting all day long. Here’s how you can turn your office into a fitness center:

  • Under-Desk Treadmill: Under the desk treadmills are great to get in some exercise. They work best when paired with a standing desk, but can also be used if you talk on the phone a lot. They are light, compact and store easily. They range in price from $300-2000 depending on what model you get.
  • Bicycle Desk: Bicycle desks are another great option. They come in two varieties, the first are pedals that fit under your desk where you can pedal away while you work. The second variety is a full desk attached to a stationary bike. Both work great to combat the effects of a sedentary life, the choice comes down to the flexibility of your office. Bicycle desks have a range of prices with under desk pedals costings between $20-100 and bicycle desks costing from $150-2500.
  • Pilates Ball Chair: Pilates balls are great substitutes for desk chairs. They help strengthen your core and encourage micro-movements throughout the day. You can use just a standard pilates ball or buy a pilates desk chair which ranges in price from $35-100.
  • Small Free Weights: If you can’t trade out your office furniture at work, bringing in small free weights are a great option. You can use them when you are on the phone, during breaks, or just grab them to walk at lunch. Having them on your desk will inspire you to do a little more everyday. The best part is that small free weights tend to cost less than $10 per weight.
  •  Stretch Bands: Stretch bands are also a great piece of exercise gear to keep at your desk. You can use them the same way as small free weights, but they can be attached to your desk to work out your legs as well. Stretch bands are also very reasonable priced costing anywhere from $10-20 for a set with different levels of resistance.

These pieces of equipment can help you get through the day, but the best thing you can do to combat your sedentary lifestyle is to start a workout routine. At Everlasting Changes, our personal trainers work with busy professionals to help keep their health on track no matter their work schedule.
Call us now for 3 risk-free, complimentary sessions. We include a 30-day guarantee on all of our packages.

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