Why Exercise Is Necessary For Losing Weight And Keeping It Off

Perhaps you’ve been meeting with your Everlasting Changes nutrition coach, and you think this is enough to keep you on track to meet your fitness or weight loss goals. While nutrition is a huge part of a healthy lifestyle, it’s not the end all, and exercise is necessary if you wish to meet those true health goals. Exercise won’t just help you to lose weight more quickly, but it will help you to keep that weight off and really begin feeling like your best self again.
The most stubborn part of the body to get in shape is, as most would agree, the belly. Belly fat isn’t just stubborn, it also ups your risk for diabetes and heart disease according to Dr. Michele S. Olson, professor of exercise at Auburn University Montgomery. Exercise works to lower your levels of cortisol throughout the body, a hormone with a proven link to fat accumulating within the abdominal area. Regular moderate exercise with your private trainer Charlotte, Ballantyne, or Marvin NC can do amazing work in keeping your belly fat at bay.
Exercise isn’t only for blasting belly fat, and if you don’t feel that belly fat is a problem for you, you can still reap serious benefits. Exercise helps to control calories, and burn more than you consume in order to achieve all-over weight loss. According to Dr. Nancy Snyderman, NBC News medical editor, exercise doesn’t just burn calories while you’re actively moving and working, it also continues to burn those calories for hours after you’ve finished.
If your concern is losing weight and keeping it off, exercise is also necessary. While spending time with your nutrition coach is undoubtedly a good idea, combining this with exercise will leave you with the confidence that your new lifestyle change will be a permanent one. According to Dr. John Porcari, professor of exercise and sports medicine at University of Wisconsin LaCrosse, 90 percent of people who have lost weight and kept that weight off perform around 1 hour of exercise or physical activity per day. With the help of your personal trainer to get you on track, your hard work can continue to pay off for a lifetime.
Exercise is a necessity for adopting a true new healthy lifestyle, and our trainers at Everlasting Changes can help you to get your new life on track.
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