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If you live in Charlotte, North Carolina, studies show that there’s a 31 percent chance that you register as obese on the body-mass index chart. You’d at least be in good company: North Carolina is the 16th most overweight state, and just over the border South Carolina sits in the 12 spot. And even if you aren’t overweight, you could still have health problems. People with strong metabolisms can still eat unhealthy foods without the right vitamins and minerals to keep their body going, and bad cholesterol isn’t exclusively a problem of the obese. You could also be dangerously thin, and your heart strength depends on how much you exercise, not how much you eat. If this sounds like you then our fitness classes in Fort Mill SC may be just what you are looking for!

Everlasting Changes Can Deliver Results

Just about everyone wants a body that lets them look good and feel good. But getting the weight, shape, fitness and strength you want is hard work, and it means breaking bad habits and establishing good ones which is a hard job on the best of days or through the roughest of classes. That’s why so many people look for a personal fitness trainer or small group fitness trainer who knows how you can treat your body better and get the figure you want. When you come to Everlasting Changes, you can get a session with a small group fitness trainer who can give you and your group-mates the personalized attention and instructions you need to succeed. And while working out in a small fitness group instead of a one-on-one personal fitness session means you won’t get 100 percent of the trainer’s attention, plenty of people appreciate having others around who are in the same boat and can support each other.

Our Nutrition Plans Work

Half of getting in shape is eating right, which is why you can find a free nutrition guide on our website. The guide makes it easy to eat right and lose weight, and if you need a more personalized look at your diet and how to eat healthily you can speak to the book’s author and our resident certified nutritionist Jennifer Kasmer. As you’ll learn during your nutrition session, the key to eating right isn’t a week-long gimmick or the latest fad diet, it’s a lifestyle change that has you switch to eating healthy foods and just the right number of calories. And while it may be hard to swear off unhealthy fast food and snacks, healthy foods can be just as tasty once you learn what to look for and how to cook them.

Our Small Group Trainer Exercise Routines Will Match Your Needs

Having a small group trainer around when you exercise can make a world of difference. A trainer can push you and encourage you to work out until you reach your limits, and they can make sure you don’t end up going past them and hurting yourself. A small group trainer can also put you on an exercise routine that emphasizes the changes you want to make. Want to burn fat or bulk up? Weight training is the fastest way to do both. Want to train your endurance for a marathon or to strengthen your heart? An aerobic cardio routine is your best option. Every workout should include both kinds of exercise, but with the help of our trainers, your personalized approach will help you quickly get the results you want. Something else you’ll get from Everlasting Changes is our QuickStart Program. We trust that you’ll love our services so much that we offer the first sessions free: not only does this include a body analysis, a strategy and goal session, and a stretching session to kick things off, it also means you’ll get the first three small group trainer sessions free. For no long-term obligation, we can set you on the path to a better you. And if you like what we can do for you, it’s easy to sign up for more sessions online or in person at our facility in Fort Mill. If you don’t look forward to reading your bathroom scale in the morning, you aren’t alone. And you also aren’t alone if you decide you want to do something about it. When you sign up for a small group training session with Everlasting Changes, you’ll get personal attention from a licensed and insured professional and the support of others who want to change their body shape. Book your free sessions today and find out how much a personal trainer can help you.

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