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Fitness Programs For Beginners

Fitness Programs For Beginners
While obesity isn’t a disease in the same way that the flu or cancer are diseases, “epidemic” is still a good way of describing how so many Americans have become overweight in the past few decades. In Charlotte, North Carolina alone, 31 percent of the population is overweight or obese, and the rest of the state holds the 16th spot in the list of heaviest states. South Carolina has even that beat and holds the number 12 spot on the list.

Of course, weight isn’t everything. The body-mass index used for these numbers doesn’t account for different builds or muscle mass, so a bodybuilder might look overweight if you only look at the chart. At the same time, someone with a fast metabolism can eat junk food all day without gaining weight, but that poor nutrition will do their body no favors. Health, exercise, and nutrition can be complicated things, which is why it can help to have a personal trainer handy to take you through fitness programs for beginners.

Everlasting Changes Offers Fitness Expertise

Everlasting Changes is a personal and small-group training center that sits just south of the state border from Charlotte. You’ll find us on Zimmer Road down in Fort Mill, and once you get here you’ll find out that we offer fitness programs for beginners and experts alike. Everyone can benefit from exercise and good nutrition, after all, and the expertise we offer can get anyone to the next level of their training.

A large percentage of people end their new diets or exercise routines early, and in most of these cases it comes down to motivation. Working out is hard, sticking to healthy food is hard, and creating new habits for yourself is hard. That’s why it’s good to have the extra support you get from a personal or small-group trainer. A trainer can push you harder than you can push yourself, giving you better results faster and helping you to establish a new, healthier routine.

Our Nutritionist Can Improve Your Diet

Our website features a free nutrition guide created by Jennifer Kasmer, our resident nutritionist. Along with personal training sessions, our complete fitness programs for beginners include a visit to our nutritionist so you can develop a personalized meal plan.

The key to good nutrition is both calorie counting and finding good sources of the essential vitamins and minerals. Gimmick diets focus on one type of calorie or on one kind of food, but the basics of good nutrition start with eating less and staying away from highly processed junk foods. When you meet with Jennifer, you can get a tailored plan that includes your diet restrictions and manages to be tasty enough that you won’t miss the fatty foods you only thought you needed.

We Personalize Our Approach

Whether you start on one of our fitness programs for beginners or for experts, you can count on us to develop a plan that works for you and for the goals you have in mind. After all, you only have so much time and energy you can spend on exercise, so it’s important to focus on the routines that will get you the best results possible without becoming dangerous.

Do you want to get rid of the extra weight around your waist or on your thighs? Do you want to run in the Charlotte Marathon, even if it’s only for part of the way? Do you want to push your muscles to the next level? The right plan can work wonders, and with the help of a personal trainer you can push your body right up to the limit without the danger of going over the edge.

If you’re interested in starting one of our fitness programs for beginners, you can head down to our location in Fort Mill or sign up for our QuickStart Program right here on our website. QuickStart lets you get your first sessions, a $375 value, completely for free and with no commitment to continue training with us. If you live in Charlotte and you’re ready to start working on your weight, come to Everlasting Changes and find out why we’re so confident that personal training sessions can help you get the figure you deserve.

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