Define Your Fitness & Weight Loss Goals & Immediately Take Action!

“The size of your dreams must always exceed your current capacity to achieve them. If your fitness goals do not scare you, they are not big enough.”
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

You’ve got yourself a fitness and weight loss goal…

But have you defined it?

A goal is a measurable end result, having one or more objectives to be achieved within a fixed timeframe.

Yet, most people, when they first meet with us, have a goal that is clearly undefined and extremely vague. Of course, you want to lose weight, but you don’t know how much or by when? Yes, you want to build strength, but you don’t know how much, why, or how you can do it? Without a doubt, you want to train for a marathon, but you don’t know what to do, how often to do it, or when you should start?

So are those really even goals?

By definition, NO!

And the reason they aren’t is that, if they are undefined with no how, why, or when, how can you measure their progress?

This week is the first week of the New Year!

It’s exciting, refreshing, and rejuvenating!

According to the statistics, approximately 80 percent of people never set goals for themselves and of the 20 percent that do, 70 percent fail to achieve their goals.

This week, we’re going to discuss why people fail, the importance of goal setting, and then take a one to two-minute survey to define your goal. This will enable you to focus and commit to each and every step along the way to accomplish it. After all, how are you going to celebrate the New Year and accomplish your goals if you can’t celebrate each and every step towards achieving them?

For increased accountability and maximizing your efforts, Register Here & Book Your Free Session Today to Get Started! We have an amazing Buy One, Get One Month Free Unlimited Personal Training Offer that ends this Sun, Jan 8th!

Fitness nutritionist explains process for fitness consultation

Jennifer Kasmer, M.A.Ed. is a certified personal trainer and fitness nutritionist. She owns Everlasting Changes Personal Training and Nutrition. Most recently, she became best selling author with her book, Tick Tock Your Nutrition Clock.

She is happily married to Brent Kasmer, a medical exercise professional, Master Personal Trainer, sports and conditioning coach and sports nutritionist. He leads the personal training team at Everlasting Changes.

They have two beautiful children, ages two and five, and they work hard to play hard with them. They inspire to raise their children to be Christians, leaders, and compassionate towards others. They raise them with high expectations in hopes that, as young adults, they will be healthy, independent individuals who thrive in new environments.

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