A big part of what causes us to gain excess weight is overindulgence in food. Even when we eat a relatively healthy diet, there can be a tendency to eat too much. It’s not even our fault sometimes. Americans love big portion sizes. It’s part of our culture. We love to “supersize our combo”, “get an extra side for free,” or “choose three get three free.” One of the important lifestyle changes we need to make is to teach ourselves portion control. However, when you’ve been eating super-sized meals your whole life, it can be a challenge. Here are some expert tips from our nutrition coach on how to control your portions easily.


1. Choose Single-Sized Servings


Single sized serving packs can really help. It’s a lot easier to eat a healthy portion from a single serving sized bag of cookies than try to pull a single serving from a whole box. When you can easily grab “just one more” from a tray, as opposed to opening a whole new bag, it’s a lot easier to justify overindulgence.


2. Measure With Your Hand


Your hand is a great measuring tool. If you aren’t sure of a healthy serving size, simply make a fist. If the serving is larger than your fist, it’s probably too much food. You can also use your palm as a measure. Make a scoop shape with your open hand and fill.


3. Use Smaller Plates


Using smaller plates is a simple trick, but really effective. A small plate can only hold so much food, so it by default will help create smaller portions. Grab the salad or dessert plate instead of the dinner plate and you’ll find you’re eating the right portion sizes in no time.


4. Create Your Own Portion


This is a great tip for when you are out to eat. Restaurants always serve portions sizes that are too big. In order to eat a good portion, when you order your meal, ask your server to bring you a to-go box as well. Then when the food comes, portion out your food, putting the excess in the to-go box. Then you’ll eat only the serving size you need. Plus, you’ll have another meal for later.


5. Cut The Binge-Worthy Foods Entirely


If you “can’t eat just one”, then don’t even start. Foods that are really addictive, that you can’t control the portions like potato chips, should just be cut out. These addictive foods will lead to both overindulgence and feelings of guilt. Don’t put yourself through that, just cut them out instead.


For more advice on how to master portion control, speak with one of our nutrition coaches to learn more. At Everlasting Changes, when you sign up for our programs, you get both personal training and nutritional coaching to help you master a healthy lifestyle.

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