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Meal prepping is a great way to keep your diet on track when you have a busy schedule. However, meal planning can be pretty hard work, no matter what the blogs say. It takes a lot of mental energy, nutritional knowledge, and time management skills to be a successful meal planner. That doesn’t mean you have to give up hope. Meal planning is still a great option and can be easier with a few smart strategies.


1. Talk To Your Nutritional Counselor: One of the best ways to make meal planning simple is to hire a nutritional counselor. We’ll take the guesswork out of what foods you can eat to meet your fitness goals. That way when it comes time to plan your meals, you’ll know exactly what to cook.


2. Use A SmartPhone App: Meal planning apps can streamline the organization process. They help collect your recipes, make recommendation for variety, and create shopping lists. There a ton of great meal planning apps on the market and some are even free.


3. Invest In Good Storage Containers: The higher quality your storage container, the fresher your meals will be. The fresher your meals, the better they’ll taste. Rather than storing them in the throw away containers from the grocery store aisle, invest in quality like these glass bento boxes that are ideal for meal prep.


4. Prep Before Your Prep: If your food isn’t ready to be prepared, meal planning can become very frustrating. So the night before you plan to cook, take your meat out of the freezer, soak your beans, and start your marinade. Also do a quick check to make sure you have all your necessary ingredients.


5. Invite Your Friends: You may get bored eating the same thing all week. If you invite a couple friends over to cook their dishes, you’ll have more variety. If you can’t cook together, do a weekly swap. Plus, meal prepping with friends will turn it from a chore to a social event.

Meal prep can be easy if you use these smart strategies. With the help of our nutritional counselors, you’ll be sure that your meal prep is also helping you reach your goals.

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