It seems like every year there’s a new round of foods that promise to be the next superfood. Sometimes these foods can be a great addition to your diet. Other times, they aren’t as healthy as the experts claim. Our nutritional counselors took a look at some of the trends and have made a list of the four trendy health foods you should give a try.
1. Golden Milk
Golden milk is a warm milk drink that can be made with either cow’s milk or plant-based milk. It contains a variety of spices including turmeric. Turmeric contains curcumin which is great for fighting inflammation. You can make this drink yourself easily by warming up 2 cups of milk, a generous tablespoon of turmeric, and some spices like cinnamon and ginger and a little raw honey if you’d like some sweetness. It’s perfect for after a workout or right before bedtime.
2. Pea Milk
Up until now, most vegetarian milks could not compete with the protein of cow’s milk. With pea milk, you get 8g of protein per serving with half the sugar content. Further, like cow’s milk, it’s loaded with vitamin D and calcium. So if you want to trade out your old milk, definitely consider pea milk.
3. Coconut Flour
With the popularity of low-carb and gluten-free diets, coconut flour has become a new pantry staple. It’s low carb, loaded with fiber and healthy fats, and can be used as a great substitute for wheat flour in baked goods. You just need to make sure you add a little extra egg to keep the same texture.
4. Moringa
Moringa is being billed as the next big superfood next to acai, spirulina, and maca. Moringa is a dark green leaf, so like other dark greens it’s loaded with nutrients like vitamins A and B, magnesium, potassium, and zinc. Moringa powder perfect to add to your morning smoothie or to a cup of warm tea.
These trendy options are all a healthy addition to your pantry. Go ahead and give them a try. If you are curious about some of the other healthy food trends that are becoming popular, speak to your nutritional counselor at Everlasting Changes. We can help you decide what trends are worth trying and what you can skip.
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