Four Fitness Tips To Help Fight Insomnia

Sleep is really important for a healthy lifestyle. However, sometimes, especially during stressful periods, we can end up battling insomnia. One of the best ways to overcome insomnia is to workout. Working out helps you battle insomnia in a number of ways. First, physical exercise can tire out your body, helping you fall asleep faster. It also releases endorphins which can reduce the stress that may be causing your insomnia. Finally, exercise raises your core temperature. When your temperature drops back to normal, it triggers your sleep cycle.
Even though regular exercise is a great way to battle insomnia, there are some rules our personal trainers recommend following to make sure it really helps:
1. Follow A Regular Schedule: When you plan your workouts, it’s important to workout around the same time every day. Putting yourself on this schedule helps you set your biological clock. If you workout every day after work at 5pm, then go to bed at 10pm, you’ll train your body to recognize when it is time do physical activity and when it is time to sleep.
2. Workout At The Right Time: If you workout right before bed, your core body temperature will still be high. So it will be difficult to fall asleep. The ideal time frame to workout when you are battling insomnia is between 4-8 hours. This will give your body time for your core temperature to start dropping and help you fall asleep.
3. Incorporate A Quick Morning Workout: Morning workouts have a tone of benefits. They can help get your blood flowing and release endorphins so you start your day off right. Morning workouts can also help support your sleep cycle. As soon as we wake up, our bodies begin preparing for the next sleep cycle. When you get up in the morning and do a quick workout, you are signaling to your body your day has begun and in 16 hours, you’ll be ready to rest again.
4. Do Iso-Lateral Exercises: If you’ve ever noticed that exercise only helps you battle insomnia sometimes, there’s a reason. The workouts that best help battle insomnia cause nervous system fatigue. One workout technique that is good for helping wear you out is iso-lateral exercise. Iso-lateral exercise only works one side of the body at a time. These exercises force your body to balance the weight by overcompensating. The overcompensation leads to fatigue.
If you follow these tips, then you’ll find a marked difference in your sleep patterns. Our Charlotte personal trainers understand that fitness isn’t just about losing weight or gaining muscle tone. Fitness is about living the healthiest life possible. When you work with us, you won’t just experience a body transformation. You’ll also get a full lifestyle overhaul. Whether you are fighting insomnia or simply looking to drop a few pounds, we’ll help.
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