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This is so much more than just another ebook! This is a working guide that in 4 simple steps teaches you how to decide what to eat at what times and how much for extreme weight loss! Eating exactly as illustrated in this nutrition guide, will help you quickly burn fat, build lean muscle, while tightening and toning all over!

It was carefully written by Certified Nutritionist and Best Selling Author, Jennifer Kasmer. In 4 simple steps, she gives you the exact formula to get the body you’ve always wanted!

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This book is filled with tips and tricks to burn fat, get rid of excess skin and to immediately start to tighten and tone your body! This guide quickly walks you through what to eat, how much and at what times each and every day. It’s been set-up to make it simple and easy to quickly implement!

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Many people believe that they can subject themselves to intense workouts, eat whatever they want, and lose weight. As nice as that would be, it’s not the case. Your nutrition is an extremely important part of your overall health but adhering to a strict nutrition plan can be very difficult. There are temptations, everyone, especially when considering some of the great restaurants and bars that exist in Charlotte. If you’re in search of guidance and motivation, look no further than a nutritional coach. Nutritional coaches can be the gamechanger that helps you reach your fitness goals, jumpstarting the beginning of the new and improved you!

Your Nutrition Matters

Nutrition is the most important component of any health goal, but it’s often the most neglected. A fundamentally sound nutritional program is beneficial to everyone, whether you’re trying to lose fat, gain muscle, or both. Have you ever heard the quote, “We are products of our surroundings?” The same principle applies to our bodies. Our bodies live and die by the food we consume. Food is fuel for our bodies. If you fuel your body with junk, you’re going to see poor performance. If you fuel your body with premium, healthy food, you’re going to get results.

Weight loss simply comes down to calories in v. calories out. Yes, exercise is an important part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle. But if you don’t change your diet, you’ll find yourself chasing after the scale. Consider that a fast food burger and fries is approximately 900 calories. You would have to do a couple hours of intense cardio just to burn off the burger and fries. And, that’s just to break even and maintain where you are currently. That won’t allow you to lose weight.

Benefits Of A Nutritional Coach

No matter if you’re an experienced athlete or just getting your feet wet in the fitness industry, nutritional planning can be extremely beneficial to any Charlotte resident. A nutritional coach will start by analyzing your current diet and exercise habits, and the health needs that you have. From there, your nutritional coach will work with you to improve your health and wellness. Consider these benefits to be had by hiring a nutritional coach.

• You’ll Receive the Encouragement You Need – Not only will you make broad, sweeping changes to your lifestyle, but your nutritional coach will help encourage small changes to help push you toward the finish line.

• You’ll Find Your Strongest Ally and Supporter – Your nutritional coach is invested in you! Besides yourself, you won’t find a bigger believer and motivator. When the going gets tough, your nutritional coach will be there to pick you up. You cannot put a value on the positive energy you’ll receive.

• You’ll be Held Accountable to Your Goals – Meetings and check-ins with your nutritional coach will be on the back of your mind as you make daily lifestyle decisions. Desserts may be less tempting if you know you’ll have to answer for them later.

• You’ll Learn “Why” – A nutritional coach will help you answer “why.” Why do certain foods have different effects on your body? Why are you not losing weight? A nutritional coach will help you get to the root of your problems. Learning the answer to “why” will encourage changes that can be implemented for the rest of your life.

• You’ll Love Your Life – After working with a nutritional coach, you’ll have improved self-confidence, less stress, and more energy. You’ll be the best version of yourself!

Find A Coach That You Can Trust

At Everlasting Changes, our entire staff of nutritionists is certified and insured. Our nutritional coaches can tailor the plan best suited to your needs. We’ll work with you to get a better understanding of your daily lifestyle and provide feedback from there. Are you always traveling? Do you have any allergies? Everyone’s life is different, which is why cookie-cutter diet plans are a thing of the past. Access to a trustworthy, understanding nutritional coach is what you need to stay on track.

Everlasting also offers a full line of nutritional supplements that can aid your dieting efforts. When taken properly under the supervision of one of the nutritional coaches, these supplements can help give you the extra boost needed to reach your fitness goals this year. There are many nutritional coaches in the Charlotte area, which is why it is important to find one who is knowledgeable and can recommend the proper supplements and dosage.

Get Shredded In 4 Simple Steps

If you’re looking for a sample of what Everlasting can offer, check out the free book, “Get Shredded In 4 Simple Steps.” The guide was authored by Everlasting Change’s very own Jennifer Kasmer, who is a certified nutritionist and best-selling author. Burning fat and building lean muscle are certain to happen while following this guide!

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