Pain And Soreness After Personal Training | Everlasting Changes

After your first personal training session, you might be feeling a little uncomfortable. By uncomfortable, we’re of course referring to the tell-tale soreness that comes after pushing your body to the limit, but do you know how to tell the difference between good pain and bad pain? While some soreness is often normal and can be alleviated using some basic at-home methods, this isn’t to be confused with your body’s signal communicating to you that something may be wrong and you’re actually facing an injury.

When you work out in your personal training session, you’re working your muscles harder than they’re normally worked, and in ways, they’re not often used. What this does is causes small micro-tears in the muscle fibers which, while maybe sounding scary, are actually a good thing. As the muscles repair themselves, they grow to be stronger, denser, and more resilient, and that soreness you feel from the small muscle fiber tears is actually your body getting the exact results you want from personal training. This discomfort will often present itself as a sort of all-over ache or soreness, or tenderness localized in particular muscle groups you’ve been working particularly hard.

Sometimes the pain doesn’t signal gain, however, and you should put your personal training sessions on hold while you get examined by your doctor. Burning sensations, sharp localized pains, and stabbing pains while working out don’t signal your regular muscle fiber tears and recovery and could be pointing to a more serious injury requiring some down time while your body rests and recovers. In some instances, these injuries can be serious, and you should always be open with your personal trainer if you begin to feel pain that you don’t quite think is normal.

The good kind of pain from a personal training session is something you should be proud of. For 3 Risk-Free Personal Training Sessions with a Certified, Insured Personal Trainer & a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee on any Program, Call Us today to see how you can get your summer fitness regimen started.

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