How Can I Keep Motivated To Work Out After Work? - Personal Trainer

One of the most glaring reasons why a person will give up on their fitness goals is a lack of motivation. When they begin, the motivation is high, and it slowly starts to wane as self-discipline grows lax. Especially after a long day at work, you may be feeling tired and finished with the day, with fitness or an appointment with your personal trainer the furthest thing on your mind. I’ve witnessed it firsthand, and the secret to keeping motivation is all about how your approach your day from the start. 
So how can you keep motivated to work out after work? A few ideas include: 


  • Keep energy levels high – After work, your day will usually have drained you of much of your energy, leaving you wanting nothing more than a date with your couch. However, how you fuel your body during the day can have a huge impact on how you feel after work. A healthy simple lunch like the Mediterranean Arugula Salad has protein, fiber, and healthy carbohydrates to keep you feeling fueled all throughout the day. 

  • Pack a simple snack – I know how hungry a person can become at 5 o’clock when lunch was at noon; motivation to work out can be pretty low if you’re hungry and ready to go home for dinner. About 45 minutes before your personal trainer appointment, have a healthy snack like a Quinoa Chocolate Chip Mini Muffin to get your hunger under control, and your energy going again. 

  • Treat it like a meeting – Make your appointment with your personal trainer in advance, put it on the schedule, and treat it like it’s one of the most important business meetings you’ll have. This will help you to keep mentally prepared, and it will remind you just how important it is to keep on your training schedule. 

  • Try a private small group session – Small group sessions really help with the accountability factor, as you have a whole class of folks counting on you to join in on the fun. Not to mention, the friendships you’ll make can keep you motivated to see everyone you go to small group fitness with. 

  • Use rewards – Simply put, rewards work, and that’s why we use them. When you make it to every personal training session for a month, reward yourself with something great like new workout clothes, a special treat, or a spa day. 

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