How Friendship Helps You Lose Weight - Small Group Training Class

There’s no big secret to weight loss. No matter how many trendy diets or quick “cures” people invent, it’s simple. To lose weight and keep it off, you need to eat a healthy diet and get regular exercise. So why is it so hard for some of us? We know what we need to do but we just can’t get there for some reason. If there was a secret to weight loss, we would say that it’s friendship. Friendship is the ultimate lifestyle motivator and a good friend can help you lose weight. Here’s how:

You’ll Have A Partner In Crime

Making a kale smoothie and running on a treadmill for a half hour doesn’t sound very fun for most of us. However, trying out smoothie recipes with a friend and then going for a run together where you can catch up sounds like a fun afternoon. That’s because when you share your fitness goals with a friend, eating right and working out isn’t a chore anymore. It becomes a social activity where you’ll have a ton of fun.

Temptations Will Be Reduced

When we hang out with our friends we often go out to eat together or hit the bars. These two activities are full of unhealthy temptations. However, if you have a fitness friend, you can skip these activities while still getting social time. Instead of grabbing a calorie-loaded cocktail, you can go for a hike or try a new sport together. You’ll also have someone to call for backup when you are feeling tempted by a sweet treat or a cold beer.

You’ll Hold Each Other Accountable

Being accountable to only yourself is tough. Sure, a lot of us are self-motivated, but even then it can be a bummer to celebrate your victories alone. Friendship can help you stay accountable. Friends always want the best for you, so they’ll encourage you to stay on track. They’ll also be there to help you reach your goals. Finally, when you do hit that landmark, you’ll have someone cheering you on to the next phase.
Friendship can help you lose weight. However, it can be hard to make fitness friends sometimes, especially if you are a busy professional or new to the Charlotte area. If you are looking to make a fitness friend to support your weight loss goals, we recommend taking a small group fitness class. Our small group fitness classes at Everlasting Changes are the perfect place to make friends. They are small enough that you can really get to know people, but large enough you may make an entire group of fitness friends who can help you achieve your goals.
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