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When taking personal training Charlotte, Marvin, or Ballantyne sessions, one of the most commonly asked questions is “How often should I be working out?” In short, this varies, and it all depends on where you are in your fitness and where you need to go. Going hard early on can leave you feeling too sore and too fatigued to stick with it, which is why we recommend easing into your fitness plan and working your way up. That being said, a good weekly workout regimen for anyone looking to get in shape and stay in shape should include:
• Strength training 3 times per week – Strength training strengthens your muscles, and strong muscles lead to a higher metabolism. When using your personal training time for strength, make sure to listen to your trainer in all preparations beforehand and afterward, so you give your muscles their best chance at a comfortable recovery.
• Rest twice per week – When we say rest, we don’t mean simply sit on the couch. Staying active all week long is important. On your twice-weekly rest days, take a little time out of your schedule to go on a short walk with your family or favorite pet, do a little yoga, or get some active chores worked on around the house. These lighter activity days will help to keep your body moving and working, but without making recovery difficult.
• Cardio – Cardio should be your focus around twice per week, and with how it aids the circulatory system, it can also help you to recover from strength training faster. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, one should partake in about 150 minutes of cardio exercise weekly.

Since we’re the only personal training studio offering unlimited personal training sessions, your personal trainer will modify your regimen to best suit your workout frequency and your needs. For those looking to train daily, your trainer will alternate between HIIT days and conditioning days, giving you maximum results while looking out for your muscle recovery.
To start on your perfect training regimen, call now for 3 Risk Free, Complimentary Sessions. We include a 30 day guarantee on all of our packages.
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