How To Cater In Healthy Meals For Your Next Meeting

You’re doing great on your fitness journey. You’re working out regularly, you’re eating right, and you’ve even started to notice a difference. Then you walk into your first meeting and there is a plate of doughnuts and bagels. Temptations at the office can really throw your diet off track. However, there are healthy options available for office catering. Next time you have a catered meeting, volunteer to order the food and get some of these nutritionist-approved options:


What To Cater For Breakfast Meetings:


● Fresh fruit like bananas, apples, and oranges
● Single-serve Greek yogurt or yogurt parfaits
● Hard-boiled eggs
● Egg and veggie wraps
● Cottage cheese
● Granola bars
● Smoothies


What To Cater For Lunch Meetings:


● Sandwich wraps or lettuce wraps
● Hummus dip and vegetables
● Salad bar (with light dressing options)
● Soup, curry, or pho
● Taco bar


What To Cater For Snack Meetings:


● Nuts
● Dried fruit
● Crudite
● Charcuterie or cheese plate
● Popcorn or pretzels
● Bruschetta


What To Cater For Dinner Meetings:


● Stir-fry
● Salmon or chicken and veggies
● Build your own baked sweet potatoes
● Mezze plate
● Stuffed peppers


Another great idea to reach out to some of the local healthy restaurants like Living Kitchen, Yafo Kitchen, or Fern and see what options they have available for catering business meetings. Also think about some healthy drink options as well. Opt to serve water, coffee, tea, and fruit juices rather than sugary soda drinks. These will also have a big impact on the health of the meal.
Eating healthy at business meetings can be tough, but if you take over the catering, you can make sure that your healthy lifestyle stays on track. Our nutritionists at Everlasting Changes can also help. We’ll work with you to make sure that even if you do have one of the office doughnuts, you are still balancing your diet with other healthy foods.

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