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While you may think you know what there is to know about workout gear, you may be underestimating one very important part of your fitness attire. Whether you’re participating in small group fitness or regular private training sessions, your workout shoe is going to have a bigger impact on your success than you think. Your shoes help you to prevent injuries by providing your body with the correct support, and with the proper comfort and support system on your feet, you’ll actually be able to improve your performance as well.
Because your workout shoes are so important, you’ll want to take some careful consideration when making the investment into the right pair. While some may be more attractive than others, don’t go by looks, and instead, use a few smart buying tricks to make sure you’re getting just what you’re looking for.
The best time to try on workout shoes is actually after your workout. While this may be the one time of day you don’t really want to try on shoes, you’re going to get your most comfortable fit when you need it most by approaching the trying on process in this way. During this time, your feet will be at their largest, and you’ll know for sure what type of support your shoe will offer while you’re actually on your feet and putting them to good use. A shoe that is too tight will hinder circulation when your body really needs it, and perhaps not provide the support you require to keep going.
Next, don’t count on some kind of break-in period. Your workout shoes are not boots, dress shoes, or casual shoes, and they should be ideally comfortable from the moment you slip them on. If you do feel like the shoes are a bit stiff or need to be “broken in”, you should pass those on and reach for another pair. Walking, running, or exercising should feel good in the shoe from the moment you bring them home.
Lastly, if you focus primarily on one particular type of training, such as running or hiking, you should focus on this type of shoe, and if you participate in cross-training with your personal trainer, there are shoes built for this as well. With the right shoe, you will feel great about your training sessions, and your body will have the support it needs to lead you to success.
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