Weight Changes And Personal Trainer - Everlasting Changes

One of the biggest questions we get from confused clients is “Wait if I’m meeting with my personal trainer, why am I gaining weight?” Whether you’re going one-on-one, or participating in small group fitness classes, you’re working hard, so you should be losing, right? Well, not necessarily. When you first start out in your fitness journey, your body does a couple of strange things, and these strange things may cause you to see changes on the opposite end of the scale than those you’re looking for.
Muscle Fiber Repairs
The first reason why you might be seeing weight gain at first, rather than weight loss, is due to muscle fiber repairs. If you’re not used to working out, the stress that your new fitness regimen places on your muscles may cause small tears in the fibers. It’s these same small tears that leave you feeling pretty sore after a getting a good workout in. These micro-tears and small bits of inflammation aren’t really a big deal and will heal on their own, but part of that healing process is retaining fluid in those areas to prompt proper healing and muscle restoration. That slightly higher number you might see on the scale could be due to that temporary fluid retention.
The best way to see this number go down is to eat properly and for muscle health, and to give yourself some rest so your muscles can effectively heal themselves.
Muscle Fuel Storage
Another reason you may see a slightly higher number on the scale than what you’re looking for is increased muscle fuel storage. When you begin to exercise regularly, the body will store glycogen to later be turned into glucose by your muscle cells and used as energy. In these beginning phases, your body requires more glycogen for an effective workout, so it will store more in order to have what it needs. As you get more experienced with your fitness regimen, your muscles will require and store less.
Either with your personal trainer or in your small group fitness class, you want to see the kind of result that shows the number on the scale getting lower, not higher. It pays, however, to be patient and to know just what your body is doing inside when you start getting fit, and how that slight scale fluctuation doesn’t mean your efforts aren’t being rewarded.
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