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The world has become smaller. For many people, this now means frequent travel to regional locations or even to locations overseas. Staying fit is hard enough when you work an 8-5 job close to home, but throw in travel plans, and it’s near impossible. Everlasting Changes Gym of Indian Land is committed to helping you stay fit and meet your goals whether you are on the road, working from home, or in an office.

First, the key to staying successful is maintaining your routine despite your travel plans. Try adhering to your time zone as much as possible. When going overseas, this is not always easy, but the closer you can keep to your regular sleep and wake times, the better. This will help with jet lag and ensure an easier transition when you get home.

Most hotels are equipped with a gym. Call ahead to find out if your hotel will have a gym and what equipment is included. Talk to our trainers and let them know what you have found out. We are here to help provide you with a list of exercises you can do with the equipment that will be on hand.

No gym, no problem. Here are a few things you can fit into your suitcase to ensure a workout no matter where you are:

1. A Jump Rope – Jump ropes provide a fabulous cardio workout and can be used anywhere with very little room needed.

2. Resistance Bands – Resistance bands provide a great workout on the road. Need help with the exercises? Try this great list of exercises that can be performed with resistance bands.

3. Aqua Bells Dumbbell Water Weights – These fabulous gems provide a fantastic weighed workout but deflate to fit nicely in your suitcase.

Looking for a few more ideas? Don’t forget, Everlasting Changes makes working out on the go a breeze with free access to videos, blog posts, and more. Here are a few places to find our resources.

  1. Youtube – Youtube is a FABULOUS resource. You are able to visit Everlasting Changes’ Youtube channel to find exercises that can be done from any location. We have even included exercises that utilize body weight for resistance.

2. Facebook – Did you know the Everlasting Changes Facebook page has several posts with links to HIIT workouts, yoga workouts, and more? Simply scroll through our Facebook page and find the workout that best suits your mood.

Finally, use your resources. We are here to help you meet your goals.

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