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This is a question that I am sure is asked of many personal trainers. A lot of people claim that yes, muscle does weigh more than fat, but how true is that?
Let’s discuss an old riddle for a minute. Which weighs more? A pound of feathers or a pound of lead? If you answered the same, then you are absolutely correct. A pound is a pound, and that does not change when you are discussing different materials, including body fat and muscle.
A different way to look at the muscle versus fat content is to examine how much room they would each take on a scale. A pound of feathers, for example, wouldn’t take up as much space as the pound of lead. So, in the same respect, muscle takes up less room in our bodies than fat does.
Muscle is dense and fibrous and helps support our body. If you have been on a workout regime or have the help of a personal trainer and you have been sticking to your program, but you find that you are still at the same weight, do not worry. While you may remain the same weight for a while, your body is gradually becoming leaner, healthier, and slimmer. Even if you don’t notice the difference right away.
Muscle Versus Fat
One of the biggest differences between muscle and fat is the density of the two. Strength training is a good way for your body to begin to gain muscle while losing fat, but again, the results may not be immediately recognizable on a scale.
To start cutting down on body fat, you should start by changing your lifestyle. Your personal trainer or even nutritionist can offer advice and recommendations on the types of exercise you should be doing and the types of foods you should be eating.
Getting plenty of sleep, drinking plenty of water, and consuming fewer calories than you are able to burn will all begin to put you on the right path towards health.
Never become discouraged by the numbers you see on the scale, instead continue your program, stay motivated and find encouragement from your personal trainer or by joining a small group fitness program, and you will be well on your way to discovering a new life filled with both health and happiness.
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