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Nutrition Counselor Charlotte

Nutrition Counselor CharlotteAs a developed country, America has a lot of physically easy jobs and plenty of high-calorie food available at cheap prices. With so much food and so much variety out there, it’s clear we’re a prosperous nation, but with that prosperity comes a side effect: obesity. Our bodies and our brains are designed to seek out extra food and turn it into stored fat for lean times, but those lean times never come and the extra fat can cause health problems. And so we have an epidemic of obesity throughout the United States.
Charlotte, North Carolina is particularly hard hit by this epidemic. A 2009 list of overweight cities put Charlotte in the top ten, and North Carolina ranks 16th in the nation for most overweight. The city’s South Carolinian suburbs don’t get off easy either, since that state sits at number 12.
Unfortunately, there’s no instant cure for obesity. The only way to take pounds off and get in shape is to change your eating habits and start exercising regularly, and anything that looks like a shortcut is probably too good to be true. And because many people need help reaching their weight and strength goals, we here at Everlasting Changes offer personal trainers and a nutrition counselor to Charlotte area residents.

Plan Your Meals With A Professional

To get in shape and build a healthy body, there are just two things you need to do: eat right and exercise. But while that’s easy enough to say, it’s hard to accomplish when your body would rather build fat and conserve energy. That’s why we don’t just offer personal training sessions here at Everlasting Changes: we also provide the help of a nutrition counselor for Charlotte clients.
Not everyone can eat the same foods, and not everyone wants to. But even a vegan diet can be unhealthy if it has too much sugar and vegetable oil in it, and so it can help to have a professional nutritionist work with your dietary restrictions and your list of favorite foods to design meals that are tasty, filling, and don’t have too many calories hiding inside. If you think healthy foods taste bad, chances are you just haven’t had the right meals yet.

Exercise With An Expert

Everlasting Changes isn’t just a nutrition counselor in Charlotte’s metro area. We also offer personal and small-group training at our location in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Exercising with a trained professional helps you stay on task, and the trainer can help push you to work out harder than you would have on your own. Trainers can also watch for when you start struggling and keep you from hurting yourself by pushing too hard too quickly.
Using a personal trainer will also help you reach your goals as quickly as possible. While it’s true there are no short cuts to a good diet and exercise, different kinds of exercise are better for different goals. Building muscle, boosting endurance, and dropping fat are different goals, and they need different exercise routines.

Take Advantage Of Our QuickStart Program

At Everlasting Changes, we’re so confident that you’ll love our services that we offer the first $375 of sessions for free through our QuickStart program. Sign up today and you’ll get an in-body analysis, a goal-setting session, a stretching session, and three personal training sessions all for free.
The program has no obligations and no strings attached, so if you’re not satisfied with our services by the end of the third training session you’re free to look elsewhere. But we think we have the best personal trainers and nutrition counselor in Charlotte, so we think you’ll have every reason to come back for more.
Obesity and poor fitness can be serious problems, but while the solution is simple it definitely isn’t easy. So if you want to eat right, get in shape, lose fat, train for a half-marathon, or all of the above, and if you want to work with the best personal trainer and nutrition counselor in Charlotte, then you need to contact Everlasting Changes and set up your first free session. We’ll help you work towards the body you’ve always wanted and keep off those extra pounds for good.

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