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Nutrition Counselor

Nutrition Counselor
America’s obesity epidemic has hit Charlotte, North Carolina particularly hard. Back in 2009, the city made the top ten list of most overweight cities in America, and that was back when adult obesity was at 28 percent. According to more recent figures, that number has gone up to 31 percent, and childhood obesity is up to 18 percent. And while the body-mass index isn’t very effective at figuring out whether a single person is healthy or not, the rising weight of a community is not a good sign.

Charlotte is in good company, too. North Carolina ranks 16th on the list of most overweight states, and just over the border, South Carolina has reached 12th place on that same list. But while the CDC calls this rise in obesity an epidemic, it’s not the kind you can cure with a pill or a vaccine.

Cutting pounds, building muscle, and giving yourself a healthy, attractive figure demands hard work, commitment, and developing healthy habits. And you live in the greater Charlotte area and need some expert help, you can rely on Brent Kasmer and the personal trainers of Everlasting Changes.

Count On Us For Nutrition Assistance

There are two factors that have a strong impact on your weight: nutrition and exercise. That’s why at Everlasting Changes we have facilities and personal trainers who can help with both.

By acting as your nutrition counselor, our trainers can help you see how your eating habits and choices are impacting your weight. For instance, while avoiding fatty foods is a good idea, it’s not because fat calories are bad. It’s because fat packs a lot of calories into a small package, and so fatty foods are deceptively high in calories. Also, fats don’t fill up your stomach, which means you feel hungry again quickly. On top of that, our bodies love fatty foods since they can’t tell when we have plenty to eat.

Of course, you don’t need a personal nutrition counselor to tell you basic stuff like “avoid fatty foods.” Instead, what our certified and insured trainers offer is insight into your personal habits and how to improve them based on what you like to eat and how much time you can spare on cooking for yourself.

Vegetables can be very tasty when you prepare them the right way, and the dietary fiber they contain can help you feel full all day. Healthy food can taste good, but many people need a nutrition counselor to show them what to look for and how to make it.

We’ll Arrange An Efficient Exercise Routine

Along with acting as your nutrition counselor, our personal trainers can also work out the best exercise routine to get you the results you want. For instance, weight training is the best way to quickly burn fat, and cardio exercise will improve your heart health. And as you work out at our facility in Fort Mill off Route 521, our trainers will give you the encouragement you need to push your body to the limits and make sure you don’t hurt yourself in the process.

Start Today To Enjoy Our QuickStart Program

We’re so confident that you’ll love our services that we offer our first few sessions free. That means you can come to us for a free in-body analysis and goal-setting session, a free stretching session, and then three free personal training sessions. That’s $375 worth of personalized, professional attention.

All this is with no commitment, so if you aren’t satisfied with your personal training experience you don’t even need to show up for all three sessions. But we think that with the help of a nutrition counselor and solid, supervised exercise you can get much closer to your ideal figure much faster.

So if you want to trim down, get healthy, build muscle, end your contribution to the obesity epidemic, or all of the above, sign up today with Everlasting Changes and schedule your first in-person visit. Brent Kasmer and the rest of our personal training experts are happy to help the people of Charlotte and all its suburbs lose weight and get in shape, and we want to show you that you can enjoy the exercise and your new diet so that the pounds will melt away and stay away for good.

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