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Nutritional Coach CharlotteThe CDC calls America’s weight problem an obesity epidemic, but it’s not the same sort of thing as an outbreak of measles or the flu. Instead, the problem is within our own bodies: they still expect us to put in a lot of energy to get just a little food, so when we sit at a desk all day and get food ready to eat from a counter, our bodies think we’re lucky and pack on an unhealthy amount of fat.
Charlotte, North Carolina isn’t at the center of America’s obesity epidemic, but it’s close. In 2009 it made the top ten list of heaviest cities, and while North Carolina is the 16th most overweight state South Carolina is the 12th.
But even if our biology misbehaves, we don’t have to let it control our fate. Anyone can train themselves to eat right and exercise regularly, dropping excess pounds and improving their health in the process. But while the goal is obvious, the path can be hard, which is why at Everlasting Changes we offer our personal trainers and nutritional coach to Charlotte locals.

Redefine Your Diet With Expert Help

One pillar of good health is making sure you’re eating the right nutrients and a healthy number of calories: too few and your body will go into starvation mode, but too many and you won’t lose weight. Eating too much is easy in modern America because of our plentiful food supply, plus food companies load up their products with fat and sugar to feed your cravings and make you want to buy more. But when you go on a starvation diet you have to fight against your own body, making it almost impossible to maintain and ultimately counterproductive.
So that’s why it helps to visit a nutritional coach in Charlotte or nearby, such as our location in Fort Mill, South Carolina. With a nutritional coach, you can define limits like what you can’t eat and how much time you have to spend on cooking each day and still end up with a meal plan that’s filling, nutritious, tasty, and still light enough to let you lose weight. There’s no one food you absolutely have to eat or have to avoid, and so as long as you can eat in moderation you can still enjoy all your favorite foods.

Make The Most Of Your Exercise Hours

Everlasting Changes isn’t just a nutritional coach for Charlotte residents. We also offer personal and small-group training sessions supervised by licensed professionals. They can help you by taking into account where you are physically and where you want to be, making the most of your training time.
Personal trainers also help by pushing you right up to your limits without going so far that you injure yourself. A lot of people have trouble working up the motivation to exercise as hard as they can, especially at first, so having the encouragement of a personal trainer can be a great way to supercharge your training time.

Take Advantage Of Our QuickStart Trial

We’re confident that if you start training with us you’ll love the results, which is why we offer the QuickStart program. Sign up today and you’ll get the first $375 of sessions free: that means you get an in-body analysis and goal-setting session, a stretching session, and three full personal training sessions all complimentary.
QuickStart doesn’t lock you into a long-term contract, either. If you decide you don’t need the services of a personal trainer or nutritional coach in Charlotte, you can look elsewhere. But we think you’ll love the results you get when you train with us and listen to our nutrition advice, and we’ll be happy to stick with you as your body slowly changes for the better and your goals change with it.
Even if you aren’t overweight, chances are you aren’t as fit as you could be, and there are very few people on the planet who are completely satisfied with the way they look. The best and healthiest way to improve your body is with a good diet and regular exercise, which is why Everlasting Changes offers personal trainers and a nutritional coach in Charlotte and its surrounding suburbs. Just head south of the state border to Zimmer Road to schedule your first sessions and find out how we can help you.

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