Nutritional Counseling

Meet with a certified nutritionist to discuss and develop your goals. Our nutritional programs help to increase weight loss, gain energy, improve focus and productivity, regulate sleeping habits and more. Define your likes, dislikes, allergies and deficiencies. Let us know your wants and needs for the program including tips, tricks for quick, healthy eating, expanding your food knowledge and recipe base, increasing menu variety at home, developing better nutritional habits for yourself and your family, etc.

Choose from 3 different levels of engagement:

  • Nutritional Counseling: $50 a month – includes 3-4 overall conceptual ideas to maximize your weight loss
  • Nutritional Meal Planning: $100 a month – includes what, when and how much to eat listed on a calendar for the first month. Each additional meal plan is only $75
  • All-In Meal Planning & Advocare Supplementation: One time price of $205; each additional month varies dependent upon the amount of ongoing meal planning and supplementation needed – includes 24 day challenge, a generalized meal plan and unlimited nutritional coaching