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America’s weight problem hasn’t been getting better. Thanks to wide access to cheap, unhealthy food and more jobs that demand no more exercise than a walk to the break room, a lot of Americans are putting on weight and putting off exercise, which in turn puts their lives at risk. Weight-related conditions like high blood pressure and type II diabetes are reaching epidemic proportions.
Charlotte, North Carolina is no exception. A 2009 list named the city as one of the top ten heaviest in the nation, and obesity rates have gone up since then. North Carolina as a whole is the 16th heaviest state, and South Carolina is number 12.
It’s going to take some effort to pull ourselves out of this situation, in more ways than one. After all, we’re fighting against our own instincts to eat and avoid using excess energy, and no one told our lizard brains that we aren’t all on the edge of starvation anymore. And while a few of us can summon up all the motivation we need to get in shape, a lot more could use some help. Help like a personal trainer and nutritionist from Brent Kasmer’s Everlasting Changes.

We’ll Help With Meal Planning

Staying in shape can be hard, but knowing what you need is easy: a good diet and regular exercise. To help you work on both, Everlasting Changes can set you up with a nutritionist and a personal trainer.
A good diet isn’t about giving up all the things you love, it’s about moderating the amount you eat each day so that the calories going in will match the calories you use up. The reason people warn you about fatty foods isn’t that fat is naturally bad for you, it’s because fat packs a lot of calories into a small package and doesn’t leave you feeling full and satisfied afterward. And if that weren’t enough, a lot of food manufacturers add extra fat to their products because our brains like fat and grease because they’re always worried we’re going to starve soon.
But the reason a professional nutritionist can help is not just by getting you to count calories, it’s by showing you that a balanced meal can be filling, satisfying, and usually taste even better. A nutrition counselor can help plan out your meals in a way that matches how much time and effort you can spare on cooking for yourself or for your family, so if that’s the reason you stick with fast food Everlasting Changes can find you a better alternative.

We’ll Get You Moving

The other aspect of good health is exercise, and it’s at least as important as nutrition. At Everlasting Changes, you can enjoy some personal attention at our personal and small-group training sessions, sessions that can change and develop depending on what kind of exercise you need and what your goals are. We have a full set of equipment and plenty of room outside for jogging at our location in Fort Mill just south of the border, and with the help and encouragement of our trainers, you’ll be able to reach your limits without going over them and hurting yourself.

We’ll Give You A Free Trial

If you sign up today, you’ll be able to take advantage of QuickStart. QuickStart means that you can get the first few sessions free: a body analysis and a goal-setting session, a stretching session, and finally three full personal training sessions. That’s $375 worth of attention and training that we’re giving you for free. And what’s even better, you don’t need to sign any sort of commitment to keep training with us and you can back out at any time. That’s how confident we are in the oversight of our personal trainers and the advice of our nutritionist.
So whether you want to work out and eat better to lose fat or gain muscle, and whether you’re a couch potato starting from zero or a marathon runner who needs someone to push them past a plateau, you can find what you need at Everlasting Changes. Under the supervision of trainer Brent Kasmer and nutritionist Jennifer Kasmer and their hand-picked employees, you can get those pounds of fat off and build some serious muscles to replace them.

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