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Nutritionist Charlotte

Nutritionist Charlotte

Americans have access to too much food. In many ways, this is a good thing: it means most people don’t have to worry about starvation. However, it also creates new problems since our bodies are used to food being in short supply. Our instinct is to eat lots of sugary, fatty food because they’re high in calories and we want to store them up for the lean times, but those lean times never come. Instead, our weight keeps going up and we suffer from weight-related diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure.

If you live in Charlotte, North Carolina, you have better odds than most of being overweight. North Carolina is the 16th heaviest state in America, and its neighbor South Carolina ranks in at 12. Charlotte itself once made it onto a top 10 list of the country’s heaviest cities.

However, even if you’re obese now, you aren’t out of luck. Anyone can use a good diet and exercise to become healthy no matter how overweight they’ve become. Not everyone has the motivation to work out and change their habits, though, but that’s why it can help to have your own personal trainer and nutritionist in Charlotte.

Build A New Diet From Scratch

Dieting isn’t about cutting out one specific food or following the trendiest two-week meal plan. It’s about changing your eating habits completely by avoiding high-calorie junk food and processed foods while replacing them with fruits and vegetables. It’s about eating just the right amount of calories so that you aren’t taking in more than you burn each day and you aren’t letting starvation slow your metabolism and rob you of energy.

That’s the kind of information you can learn when you visit a nutritionist in Charlotte. You can also learn a lot more, because a one-on-one consultation can help that nutritionist work with you to create a meal plan that’s tasty, healthy, and doesn’t demand more time than you can spare on cooking. You might not think it’s possible to mix all these qualities together if you’ve been living on fast food and instant meals, but with enough planning and understanding about nutrition that’s exactly what you’ll get from Jennifer Kasmer, our resident nutrition coach here at Everlasting Changes

Complete The Package With Effective Exercise

Along with a nutritionist for Charlotte residents, Everlasting Changes also offers professional fitness trainers who can work with you during personal or small-group sessions. We offer a personalized approach that keeps your fitness goals in mind: losing weight, adding muscle, and improving your endurance can demand different approaches, and we’ll make sure you make the most of your exercise time.

Another way personal trainers help is by pushing you to work out until you’ve reached your limits. People who exercise alone often stop when the going gets tough, but with the right outside motivation you can find out what you can really do and get in shape faster than you thought was possible.

Use Our QuickStart Program To Get A Head Start

People often start exercising only to stop after one or two sessions, and some gyms take advantage of this by offering long-term memberships up front. At Everlasting Changes, we take the opposite approach, and we call it the QuickStart Program. When you sign up with us, you get $375 worth of sessions for free: that includes an in-body analysis, a goal-setting session, a stretching session, and three regular personal training sessions.

The QuickStart Program doesn’t have any long-term strings attached, either. Once your sessions are up, you can continue to attend training sessions at Everlasting Changes, you can find a different gym and nutritionist in Charlotte who can help you get fit, or you can go back to what you were doing before. But we think you’ll enjoy your time with us enough to keep coming back for more.

Whether your belly and thighs have more fat on them than you’d like, whether you’d like to look at someone new in the mirror, or whether you need to train up for a big game, it helps to have a personal trainer and nutritionist in Charlotte who can help you plan your meals and encourage you to exercise hard and reach your goals. You can find all this at Everlasting Changes, and you can find us just south of the border on Zimmer Road.

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