What To Pack In Your Gym Bag

A few common questions we are asked before a personal or small group training session is “What should I bring?” Packing a gym bag can help you feel prepared for anything that may come up in your session. Any gym equipment will be provided, so you will only have to worry about personal items. Here’s an easy checklist to help you pack:


What To Pack For Your Personal Training Session


● Athletic wear workout clothes
● Trainers (Here’s a helpful guide from WebMD on how to pick a pair of gym shoes that are right for you) and odor balls to help keep your shoes smelling fresh when they go back in your gym bag
● Drying athlete socks to help reduce sweaty feet
● A towel to dry off after an intense workout
● Refillable water bottle
● Healthy snack like a protein bar or shake or nuts and dried fruits
● Deodorant
● Plastic bag to place all your dirty gym clothes, shoes, and towel in after your workout to keep your gym bag fresh
● People with longer hair might want to pack headbands and hair ties


What To Pack If You Are Hitting The Gym


When you are planning on going to the gym, we recommend packing the same items from your personal or small group training session and:


● Headphones and a way to listen to music or podcasts like your smartphone
● Lock for the gym locker
● Lifting gloves or yoga mat if necessary
● Face or baby wipes


If You Plan On Showering At The Gym


Many of us hit the gym before work, so grabbing a shower is very convenient. If you are planning on taking a shower at the gym, here’s what else to pack in your gym bag:


● Shower sandals like flip flops
● A shower bag containing items like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and razors
● Any after shower toiletries like lotion, cologne/perfume, or makeup
● A change of clothing
● An extra pair of underwear and socks


Finally, no matter where you are going, you’ll want to pack any medical necessities that are really important like an inhaler, prescriptions, or an epipen. If you pack these items you’ll be ready for any workout.

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