Personal Training Ballantyne

Personal Training Ballantyne

Personal Training Ballantyne

In the United States, a large number of people are dealing with excess fat weight and an unhealthy diet.  For most people, the fat itself isn’t a problem, but it brings with it dangerous conditions like type II diabetes and high blood pressure.  North Carolina is particularly hard hit by this trend, coming in at 16 on the list of most obese states.  However, South Carolina has them beat since it holds the 12th spot.

Ultimately, it’s our own instincts that are to blame for this epidemic of obesity.  Food has been scarce throughout most of humanity’s existence, and so our bodies want to avoid activity and eat as much as possible to hoard our precious calories for when we need them.

However, with cheap food and office jobs, calories aren’t nearly as precious as our bodies think they are.  Still, the instincts remain, and so we often need help to break our unhealthy habits and start exercising and eating right.  That’s when it helps to have personal training in Ballantyne and other southern parts of the Charlotte, North Carolina metro area.

How Everlasting Changes Can Help

Everlasting Changes offers personal and small-group training sessions from our location near Fort Mill on the southern side of the state border.  We can provide personal training to Ballantyne residents, Marvin, Matthews, and other communities in the Charlotte area, along with other fitness services for people who want a personal approach to their fitness and weight goals.

The advantage of a personal trainer over a regular gym is obvious.  While a gym gives you access to weight training equipment and facilities for jogging, sprinting, and sports, a personal trainer can plan a routine that maximizes the results you’re looking for and encourage you to push yourself to your limits.  This lets you get the most out of every session, which isn’t something many people could manage without the help and attention of an expert.

We Help You Eat Right

You can only do so much with exercise when it comes to your health and fitness.  The other big contributor is what you eat, and Everlasting Changes can help with that, too.  Not only do we offer sessions for personal training near Ballantyne and communities on the southern side of the state border, we also offer sessions with our resident nutritionist, Jennifer Kasmer.

You should already know the basics of good nutrition:  eat fewer calories, stay away from fatty and highly processed foods, that sort of thing.  However, you may have also learned a few bad habits from diets that claim to work miracles or deliver overnight results, when all they’re really doing is dropping water weight.  At our facility, you’ll learn the difference, and with the help of our nutritionist we’ll get you on a diet that fits your tastes while being healthy and nutritious.  A good diet can even keep your cravings to a minimum.

We Personalize Your Training

By offering personal training for Ballantyne residents, we give you personal attention that will help you reach your specific goals.  People come to us from all different places and they each have individual goals:  lose a certain number of pounds, add muscle mass, or learn how to jog.  We can even help athletes prepare for a big game or get past a plateau.

We also allow new clients to take advantage of our QuickStart Program.  When you sign up for this program, you get a body analysis session, a goals and training session, a stretching session, and three full private training lessons all for free.  We value these sessions at $375, and you get all of that for no charge and no long-term commitments.  But if you’re ready to stick with our training sessions, you’ll find out why we call ourselves “Everlasting Changes.”

Just about everyone wants their body to be different in some way.  If you don’t want to lose any weight, then you want to add muscle, get in shape, and break all your old records in the best way possible.  At Everlasting Changes, we offer personal training for Ballentyne and for other areas of the Charlotte metro, and we’ll do all we can to help you reach your goals and get the body shape and the body health that you’re looking for.

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