Post-Workout Nutrition for Recovery - Everlasting Changes

Nutrition is an important aspect of health for everyone and is just as important after the workout is over. So, just like what you eat is important for your health, when you eat it is also of equal importance.

The Role of Post Workout Nutrition

When you work out, your body goes through a few changes, and it can quickly deplete your energy sources and may even cause some damage to the body if you are not aware of what to do to prevent it.

Creating and following a post-workout nutritional strategy will help your body recover more quickly and efficiently while replenishing your energy supply, increasing your muscle size and quality, and can then begin to repair any damage you may have endured during the workout session.

The strategy will lead to a marked improvement in several functions including lessening the muscle soreness you may experience, increases the ability to build muscle, and improves the ability to utilize fat and improve bone mass and immune function.


The Importance of a Post Workout Strategy

Following a post workout strategy concerning your nutrition is important because when we workout, we tend to damage our tissues at certain levels and when doing so, our body uses our fuel and energy supply to do so.
While the workout will make us stronger, more toned, and fit, it also requires a certain level of recovery to help repair and rebuild and get ready for the next workout.

Following a workout, your body provides a small window of opportunity in which it will be better able to accept more nutrients that can help with the repair of the muscles and tissue. To take advantage of this window, you will want to replenish your body immediately following your workout because this window will only stay open for approximately two hours.

What Should I Eat?

The best thing to eat post workout would be a protein to help aid in protein synthesis as well as carbohydrates to help repair the muscle glycogen. A few suggestions include grilled chicken and roasted veggies, tuna and crackers, cottage cheese and fresh fruits, and oatmeal with whey protein, banana, and almonds.

These foods will offer the right amount of nutrition your body needs following a workout and will help replenish your energy levels so that you can face the rest of the day.

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