Private Personal Training

Everlasting Changes provides unsurpassed one-on-one private personal training. After an initial fitness consultation and assessment has been conducted, a fully customized workout program is developed geared towards helping you to reach your individual needs and goals. Our personal trainers are fully certified, highly educated and very experienced in the personal training industry. Collectively they have over 30+ years combined.

At Everlasting Changes, you receive the accountability needed to fully engage in the personal training experience.

The rates for one-on-one private personal training range from $70-$80 per session. Price is determined on the amount of sessions purchased. Each session lasts between 45-50 minutes in length.

Private Training Packs (Master Trainer):

  • Single or Drop In Session for $80/hour
  • 5-pack private training sessions for $400 ($80/session)
  • 10-pack private training sessions for $750 ($75/session)
  • 25-pack private training sessions for $1750 ($70/session)

All of our personal trainers carry multiple certifications and insurance, have advanced specializations and years of experience in the professional field.

For Partner Training (2 members working with 1 Trainer) the rate would be 1.5X the rate of the Trainer you are working with. This amount would then be divided by two and each person would pay their portion of the rate. For example, if the Trainer you are working with has a rate of $80/session for One-on-One’s the rate for Partner Training would be $120 and each person would pay $60. This results in a savings of $20 per session per person.

For members looking to achieve the most with their training programs, we recommend combining your Personal Training sessions with our Small Group Training on your days off. Small Group Training can be added to any Personal Training package for $199 per month.


One Complimentary Session