Six High Protein Snacks To Pack In Your Carry On

When you travel a lot for work, it’s hard to keep your diet on track. However, with a little planning, you can stash a few healthy snacks in your to-go bag. That way when you are hungry, you aren’t tempted by a vending machine candy bar and can stay on track to your fitness goals. Here are some high-protein snacks that our nutritional counselors recommend packing for your travel days. All of these snacks take up very little space but can keep your stomach full:
1. Trail Mix: Trail mix is a perfect protein packed snack to take on the go. The mix of sweet and salty flavors will help you satisfy any taste craving and give you a boost of protein to keep your energy up. Just make sure to grab a healthy trail mix loaded with nuts and seeds and not candies.
2. Jerky: Jerky sticks are an easy grab and go protein snack. The best part is now they make more flavors than just beef jerky. You can find all kinds of jerky made with lean proteins like salmon, turkey, and chicken.
3. Roasted Chickpeas: Chickpeas are loaded with both protein and fiber to give you long term energy. They also have a variety of B vitamins and magnesium for a micronutrient energy boost. You make them yourself in any flavor you can imagine or buy them pre-made.
4. Pumpkin Seeds: Pumpkins seeds have protein, essential fatty acids, and a full range of energy boosting vitamins and minerals. They are the perfect snack to eat on the go. Just make sure to buy pumpkin seeds that have already been deshelled so you don’t have to worry about making a mess on the plane.
5. Apples And Nut Butter: An apple drenched in nut butter is a great way to get your protein on the road. Apples keep for a long time and nut butter now come in portable single-serving packs, so you can take this snack anywhere.
6. Tuna Packets: Tuna is not only full of lean protein, it is loaded with fatty acids. Tuna packets are easy to transport and come in a variety of great flavors. Some are even packaged with silverware now. They are perfect for a quick protein-rich snack during a layover.
When you travel, you don’t have to give up your healthy habits. With the help of our nutritionists and personal trainers, we can put together a diet and fitness plan you can do at home or on the go. If you’d like to learn more about how we help busy professionals live a healthy lifestyle even in the terminal.
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