Six Side Benefits Of Weight Training You May Not Know - Private Trainer

Most of the time when we think of weight training we immediately think about building muscle. Though weight training is the best workout for improving your strength and increasing your muscle mass, there are a lot of other health benefits no one really talks about. Here are six side benefits of weight training that you may not know.


1. Reduces Back Pain: If you have a job where you sit all day and have lower back pain or stiffness as a result, weight training will help reduce this pain. Weight training helps strengthen the muscles in your core which support your spine. So when you are sitting, the extra strength helps reduce the tension in that area.
2. Increases Your Mobility: Weight training helps you develop “body awareness.” Body awareness is the ability to understand what muscles you are using for specific tasks. When you weight train, you are very aware of all of your muscle groups and how they work. This knowledge helps you increase your mobility.
3. Fights Osteoporosis: When you weight train you don’t just increase muscle mass, your body also naturally increases your bone mass. Increasing your bone mass helps reduce the risk of bone loss from diseases like osteoporosis.
4. Counters Stress: All exercise helps you combat stress, anxiety, and depression. Weight training, like aerobic exercise, helps you release endorphins in the brain. These endorphins help elevate your mood. Building muscle also helps increase your energy, which can reduce getting fatigue-related stress.
5. Lowers Your Risk Of Diabetes: Weightlifting helps build white muscle which burns blood glucose for energy. By increasing your use of blood glucose, weight training can reduce your risk of diabetes.
6. Boost Metabolism: The type of muscle fiber you build during weight training increases your metabolism. This boost in your metabolism means you can burn fat no matter your diet or level of inactivity. Meaning the more muscle you develop from weight training, the faster you’ll lose unwanted body fat.


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