Private Trainers' Tips On Staying Healthy Despite Hectic Days

As a busy professional, it’s hard to get a moment to think, no less put in the time to live the healthiest lifestyle. Between juggling meetings, managing your staff, and meeting your deadlines, most of the time you can’t make it to the gym or cook a healthy meal. Luckily, at Everlasting Changes, our private trainers are here to help. Most of our clients are busy professionals like you, so over the years we’ve learned some helpful tips for anyone to fit fitness into their busy schedule. Here are some of the tips we recommend:

1. Find A Gym Near Your Office

Having a gym near your office makes it easy to go when you can. Even if you only have 30 minutes between calls. If your gym is right next door to your workplace, you can sneak away, do a couple reps, and be back in time to for your call.

2. Rethink Your Commute

Rather than driving every day, consider biking or walking to work. If your commute is too far to bike or walk, there are still some things you can do. First consider driving half-way to work, then biking or walking the rest of the distance. If this also does not work, look for the parking space furthest from your office. Even if it’s just a ten minute walk, it will make a measurable distance.

3. Sign Up For A Healthy Meal Delivery Service

With new meal delivery services, you can skip grocery shopping and meal planning all together. There are tons of meal delivery services that range from pre-made organic meals to smoothie packs to monthly protein snack packs. They’ll save you time, while still ensuring your diet stays on track.

4. Keep A Stockpile Of Healthy Snacks

Whether you keep them in your desk drawer or briefcase, have healthy snacks always on hand. This will help keep you from grabbing unhealthy vending machine options or ordering fast food when you’re putting in late nights. Consider protein bars, nuts, and dried fruits, as they are filling and good for you.

5. Learn Some Desk Exercises

Working out while working is a great way to stay on track when you are super busy. Adding a few desk exercises throughout the day can go a long way. A quick search on Google pulls up tons of exercises you can do at your desk. If none of these work for you, our private trainers can work with you to find some desk exercises that target your specific needs.

6. Hire A Private Trainer

Private trainers are perfect for busy professionals. Not only do we work around your schedule, we can show your exercises that can have the most impact for the least amount of time. With private training, your workouts will be faster and more efficient.

These are just some of the ways you can fit healthy living into even the busiest schedules. For more tips and techniques, call now for three risk free, complimentary sessions. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all of our packages.

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