Small Group Training Marvin NC

Small Group Training Marvin NC

Small Group Training Marvin NC

America has a weight problem.  Specifically, it has too much fat and not enough muscle.  The growth of office jobs and cheap, unhealthy food has caused our bodies’ natural instincts to work against us:  we want to eat fatty, high-carb foods to store up calories, and we want to act lazy in case we need those calories for later.  But most Americans don’t have to worry about hunting down food or starving to death, and so our fat deposits grow to unhealthy levels.

The two Carolinas are particularly hard hit by this obesity epidemic.  North Carolina is the 16th heaviest state, and South Carolina beats them by reaching the 12th spot.  In either state, around 31 percent of the population is statistically overweight.  However, as humans we don’t have to let our instincts take control.  We can decide for ourselves how fit and healthy we want to be, and that’s why Everlasting Changes offers personal and small group training for Marvin, NC and other suburbs in the Charlotte, NC area.

We Reach Goals

Exercise isn’t easy.  If it was, everyone would be doing it already and the obesity epidemic would never have happened.  But instead, it’s hard, and that’s why many people either struggle with starting an exercise routine or get help with doing so.  Everlasting Changes is here to be that extra help.

At our facility on Zimmer Road, just over the South Carolina border, we offer small group training for Marvin, NC residents and all the rest of the south Charlotte metro area.  Exercising in small groups means everyone can help encourage each other to push themselves to the limit, and you’ll also get the close attention of a professional trainer who knows just what routine you need and how much of it you can take.

We Develop Good Eating Habits

Exercise is only half of the equation when it comes to getting a healthy body with a healthy weight.  You also need to eat well, which means cutting down on processed foods and eating a balanced diet full of nutrients and just the right number of calories to slim you down without triggering your starvation mode.  After all, while starving yourself sounds like the most obvious way to lose weight, eating too few calories will slow your metabolism, it’ll leave you without enough energy to exercise, and it’ll make you start to crave unhealthy but calorie-packed foods.

Following an online diet can be trouble, too.  These diets often don’t understand how the human body really works, they don’t customize their diet plans for the individual’s weight or tastes, and they only last a week or two when what you really need are new eating habits that will last you a lifetime.  That’s why at Everlasting Changes we have a nutritionist on hand, Jennifer Kasmer, and we offer nutrition consultations along with small group training for Marvin, NC and other nearby suburbs.

We Plan For You

As a facility for personal and small-group training near Marvin, NC, we take the time to get to know our clients, their needs, and their goals.  Different visitors want to lose weight, gain muscle, develop a swimsuit body in time for a vacation, or get in top shape for a sporting event.  Each of these goals demands a different approach, especially since each person is starting from somewhere unique, and so that’s exactly what we give them.

In fact, we’re so confident in our ability to help you that we offer a special program called QuickStart.  The QuickStart Program gives you a free body analysis, a strategy session, and a full stretching session on top of three group or personal training sessions.  All these sessions are free of charge and carry no long-term obligation:  we’re that sure that you’ll love our services and come back for a fourth session.

Almost everybody wants to change their body somehow, not everyone bothers to put in the effort it takes to make those changes.  At Everlasting Changes, we can help you with motivation and with training techniques in our small group training near Marvin, NC, and like our name says we can help you make sure these changes will last forever and let you take that next step towards your ideal body shape.

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